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I'm off to Geneva today to attend the World Economic Forum Global Leaders for Tomorrow Annual Summit. After that, I'm off to Menorca for a retreat, then off to a Boston via Barcelona. One night in Boston and off to another retreat nearby. I'm dropping by New York for the weekend and off to ECD in Michigan. Two nights in Michigan and off to SF for 24 hours and back here again. I feel like a UUCP email message. Apologies in advance to people I will be missing this trip. It's a pretty hectic trip and I'm already tired just looking at my schedule which is nicely booked in 1-2 hour meetings for the whole trip without a single party... I hope to make a more leisurely trip to the US with more party time soon.


Joi, enjoy Barcelona. I was there two months ago and it is a beautiful city! You have to know the Gaudi thinks specially Casa Batlot and Pedreira!

Maybe its time to add GPS coordinates to your moblog...

Say howdy to the Illuminati for us.

And let me know if there's a NYC gathering of the tribe...

Hi Joi,

Barcelona is a really special city. My wife was educated there and we got married there too at the Juan Carlos Hotel. My dog is called Gaudi (which is why my Shogakukan manga is called Space Doggy Gau!) Have a great time. If you have any time - you could meet my cousin James (Tonguewag) who lives in Marbella. He would come and meet with you.

I hope you enjoy your stay in the Catalan Countries. I'm sure you'll love Menorca and Barcelona.

Ping me if you have some free time in Boston. Don't worry if you don't. ^_^

Hi all!

The lounge I'm in at Frankfurt has open wifi. Nice.

I'll see you in Geneva.


If you want to talk about what's new and cool in Feedster when you're in Boston and can spare the proverbial 15 minutes, let me know and I'll find you, take 15 minutes of your time and let you be on your way.



Drop me an email if you have a moment if you are near MIT in Boston. The company that i work for is the second largest wireless carrier > 45 million subscribers and here in boston we are creating the next generation mobile(web) blogging solutions... or stop by our office in Tokyo sometime... cheers

Hey folks. I'm just zooming thru Boston and am pretty booked up. Sorry! I'll be back this year for sure so let's have a party then.

I'm in Geneva now, but the ethernet in my hotel doesn't work. I'm on Oki Matsumoto's floor right now using his ethernet.

Also, thanks to Zai and Monorom, I've got a Swisscom SIM chip for my Tri-Band Danger (Thanks Michael!) so I'm mobile at least.


While in NYC - Do you have a spare 15 minutes? Would appreciate the opportunity to hookup with you and discuss our WINKsite project. Please email me back or IM "wirelessink" if you have the time.


Don't know what your Michigan plans are, but as everyone else says, if you have any free time at all....

Hey Joi,

I'll be in Michigan 9/16 - 9/22. Maybe I'll run into you at the airport.



Six Apart Gathering at Madison Square Park

See you at the gathering. For those who can not attend I set up an interactive moblog for the gathering at:

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