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Ethan Zuckerman is the founder of geekcorps.

A US-based, non-profit organization, we place international technical volunteers in developing nations. We contribute to local IT projects while transferring the technical skills needed to keep projects moving after our volunteers have returned home.
Ethan's a GLT and one of the few blog savvy GLT's here. We've both evangelizing weblogs like crazy this trip. Ethan works a lot in developing nations and we talked about how to get technology to developing nations and how blogs could help get more coverage for issues in developing nations since the mass media tends to underreport them. One important part is to make them feel more culturally "close" in the way Salam Pax created a voice for Baghdad in the blogging community. We need more African bloggers. The other thing is to for other bloggers to understand and blog more about things going on in other parts of the world.

Ethan pointed me to a great resource for news about Africa, I think I'll start here...


Slightly related, LinuxJournal had an article last year about Email in Africa - via radio.

And yes indeed, having more people write from other parts of the world would be great. No, it will be great.

- ask


I just want to point out allAfrica's RDF feeds. They can be hard to find if you don't know where they are. There is a list of possible catagories that they generate feeds for. They also have instructions. The short of it is you take this URI:

and replace 'business' with whatever catagory you would like to subscribe to.

For all I know you might have already found this. Or somebody might have pointed it out to you. But I remember the first time I tried finding it and figuring it out it took me quite a while. So I hope this helps.


I recently subscribed to "Africa Blog: Exploring the policies that shape a continent"

It's actually a group of Americans, who are interestedin learning and communicating about Africa. Might be a good start.


perhaps physicians without bourders could blogg to coordinate resourses and perhaps develope ideas regarding remote and virtually guided surgeries.

Bebedjia (FR) is my go-to Africa blogger, and (FR) is another frequent read. Actual Africans who blog (aside from European safari and ethnographic photobloggers and NGOers on a tour of duty) are harder to find. Ghana's Cunning Linguist (EN) is quite the character, though ... The African Online Digital Library is a very worthy project, but I don't know how much progress they have made. One in 160 Africans (including North Africans) use the Internet (and more than 80% of people in the world have never even heard a dial tone)

Glad to see you've found out about - it's one of the only great resources for African news on the net. You'll be happy to know that I'm going to be continuing your evangelizing pretty soon. I'm a South African working on a project to bring blogging to Africa - I'll be doing a lot of workshops around the country in December and January - starting off at telecentres (community Internet access points) where I'll be teaching high school students how to build community blogs that connect with other communities/people around the world. They'll be telling their stories and discovering the empowering effect of being able to publish their voices online for all the world to see. It's exciting - you can find out more soon here:

Hi there,
I just posted the same message on Heather's blog, but here's a repeat:
I study journalism in Stellenbosch, and I'm writing my final thesis about blogging in Africa.

A few questions:
Are there any African newspapers blogging except for Mail&Guardian?
Are there enough African bloggers out there to promote web-based pan-Africanism, and can blogging economically empower Africa?
What are the benefits and pitfalls of blogging from Africa?
How do you promote blogging on the continent, and why is it important for Africans to blog???

Pepper me with your comments!
Thanks # K

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wenn jemand an Afrika News Interesse hat, ist die Seite empfehlenswert. (via Joi Ito 〓r die M 〓ichkeiten, Afrikanern 〓r Blogs eine M 〓ichkeit in die Hand zu geben ... "The other thing is to for other bloggers to understand and... Read More