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I'm in the Barcelona airport now. I'm sorry I haven't blogged anything substantive recently. I'm on my way to Boston. I'll try to think of something interesting on the plane.

See you tomorrow!


Come back soon! :)

Great photo. What a trip. Look forward to reading your news.

awesome photo, Joi. Have a great trip :)

you know everytime i travel i always get the wing seat just like the one where this photo was taken. i cant work it out... maybe business class would change that.


Just wondering what camera you took the photo with? I remember seeing a Sony cybershot U a while back on one of your posts?

What glorious photo!

Actually, this photo was taken with a Casio EX-M2, a thin 2 megapixel camera. It was taken out of the window of a small chartered 2 engine prop plane on the from Geneva to Menorca.

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