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After drinks with Tom and Halley, I crashed the Bloggercon meeting that Halley was going to at the Berkman Center. Dave and his team were putting the final touches onto the program which looked pretty cool. I agreed to participate in a session about managing a community on Day 2 which is free. I don't see it on the page yet, so maybe it's not decided.

I had imagined the Berkman Center as a big huge building, but it was actually a small nifty house. Dave Winer, Jim Moore and Christopher Lydon were there with a bunch of other cool people. It was nice seeing Dave and Jim again and It was cool meeting Chris for the first time. I'd heard about Chris from Dave and we decided to do an interview the next day.

Andrew McLaughlin a fellow GLT was also there who had just been talking to Ethan, who I had just met in Geneva and had just blogged about. Small world... Anyway. You had to be there....