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Christopher Lydon and I had a discussion this morning. He's posted the audio file on his blog. Chris and I totally "clicked".

Chris is originally a radio talk show host on public radio who moved to the Internet. I'm honored to be on his interviewee roll. He's a great example of audio blogging and is pushing the envelop. It's great seeing more and more professionals like Chris embracing the medium.

I'd originally heard about Chris from Dave, and he's as cool as advertised. Check out his site. He's putting a voice behind a lot of the bloggers which adds another dimension to our identities online.

UPDATE: I asked Chris to talk the radio show he used to have on NPR

Christopher Lydon
Mary McGrath and I made a little radio miracle. We called it The Connection and public stations in 75 American cities picked it up. It was two hours every day of ridiculously energetic call-in conversation about everything--starting with politics, books, poetry, music, philosophy, fantasy, humor. We had a short-story writing context, and a haiku contest. Toni Morrison, Yo-Yo Ma, Norman Mailer, Salman Rushdie, Yevtushenko, Seamus Heaney, Seiji Ozawa, Bill Clinton imitators, E. O. Wilson--you name them; the most interesting people in American life made our show their gymasium, and loved it. Somebody said: you treat your guests like callers and your callers like guests. When NPR came around to syndicate the show two years ago, we told the producing station we wanted a stake. The station signed the NPR deal without mention of us, then threw us out of the building. It was ugly, a custody fight, really, over a child we'd raised to glory together. They cut the baby in half. Mary and I will make another miracle yet.


Never mind the coffee, where’s the interview? Both the MP3s are 404.

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