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We're going to be meeting at Push Café instead of Madison Square Park today because it looks like it's going to rain. Still from 2pm-4pm. See you there.


I showed up at madison park; I did not know the site of meeting had changed; i found myself asking everyone in the park if they where connected with the Smart Mob. I did meet one other individual from Sweden. Neither one of us had wireless e-mail to realize the location had changed.

I had come to discuss the idea of blogging in Nursing homes and to chat in person about the ideas regarding wearable computing and new cyborg communities of assisted and aumented idividual suffering form Alzheimer's.

We both discussed each of our methods of search for the blog. His was passive; I broke the park into quarters and pointed out the homeless persons as stationary faces of woe unchanging; I made two rounds, first with my digital stehtoscope and then without. I found persons more friendly and accepting of questions from a stranger caring a stethoscope as opposed to me with no stethoscope. I found myself separating the tourists from the New Yorkers, and classifing persons as probably blogger and those less likely.

I did get one comment about using my stethoscope to find the blogg...

Then I met up with an enginneer from Denmark and we discussed the ongoing search regarding the Gaussian probabilities of all the coming and goings of persons in the park...

Steve mann e-mailed me back hoe at the time of this insanity about an ongoing attempt to get funding from pfizer regarding visual memory prosthetics...


Please, next time show up in the rain!

Is this guy for real? Just wondering.

Because this change of plan was at such a late stage (and there was no mention of an alternative location in the event of bad weather) the people of Six Apart should have arranged for someone to be stationed at the southern fountain from 2-4pm to advise, or re-direct, any bloggers turning up with expectations of meeting other bloggers, Six Apart, Anil Dash, yourself and possibly Dave Winer.

Next time I shall be more cautious on promoting blogger meetups advertised by Six Apart.

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