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Britt Blaser
I'm writing from Dean campaign headquarters in Burlington, VT with an urgent appeal.

The Howard Dean campaign is growing like a startup that's suddenly got hot. This IS a tech startup, and it needs 2 real pros yesterday.

I've attached descriptions from Harish Rao, IT Director.

If you know anyone qualified, or anyone who might find them, PLEASE contact Harish immediately. This campaign is at an inflection point. They may not pay much now, but there's a good chance it will turn into a VERY interesting 8 year gig.

They need a system administrator and a database administrator.

If you know someone qualified, contact Harish


The job description doesn't say where this position is located.

Burlington VT, yo. It's possibly the best work environment ever. Britt and I are blogging our week up here:

Better try Wes Clark ... :)

And what will Wes Clark do exactly? For all the excitement that the dems & repo-blicans establishment can try to gin up over Wes Clark, his timing was only good enough to blunt John Edwards' announcement--Howard Dean is not running with establishment strategists, Big Labor's money and the chicanery that "big donors" pull while waving a big contribution check under the nose of supplicants: Faustus had an easier time getting bus fare to hell. No Thanks-I'm sticking with Howard--seems my friends are too.

Dear Mr. Dean

I have a suggestion for your campaign. You need to call a spade a spade when attacking George Bush. We went to war for oil and the Lakuid party running our defense department. Everyone knows you can't attack the Jewish lobby in this country and win but there is one thing you can do and that is to offer hope about the energy future to this country. While going after Bush/Cheney you should tell this country that Bush/cheney and oil are a dying breed trying to hold on their oil dominence. If elected you would start a Marshall plan to replace oil in this country with alternative fuels i.e fuel cells, solar, wind and subsidize these industries. Bush is offering us blood for oil. We are dying to keep hom, his father and all his cronies in business. They and oil are not the future. There are so many exciting technologies out there that offer an alternative. This country can do it and change. We are subsedizing a dying technology. You are forward thinker from what I know of you. Bush is offering us the past and death to our soldiers, not to mention our enviroment. Kennedy put us on the moon, you can free us from oil. The fact that you have proven your willingness to go after these criminals is great. Now offer us hope for the future. A future with clean, self sufficient energy on a scale that the world will look to America as the leader. Get people excited for a change. This is a new industrial revolution. A break from the past of a oil dominated world to a new alternative. It must be financed the way we now finance the oil industry, highway industry, nuclear and coal. There is no other future for us other than the ruination of George Bush's vision of outdated technology, enviromental destruction and the destruction of our national treasure and our soldiers dying to make these people rich. Someone has to speak the truth and offer hope. I am counting on you to provide that to this country. Sincerely, Al Magaletta

Friends I meet with weekly suggest I call you attention to the content of an article in a recent Sierra magazine (Sept./Oct. 2003). An excerpt follows:
"In June, the heads of ten major labor unions, including the UAW, the Steelworkers, and the Mine Workers called for a new "Apollo Project" to revitalize blue-collar American and our industrial base by investing $300 billion in energy innovation and increased efficiency - including hybrid cars, retrofitted buildings, solar cells, wind turbines, mass transit, cleaned-up poer plants, and more-efficient.
"After the loss of over 2 million manufacturing jobs in the last two years, says Steelworkers president Leo Gerard, it's time to try something new: 'We believe this plan can create good manufacturing jobs, good construction jobs, can improve the public infrastructure, can be good for the environment, and can reduce our dependence on foreign energy.' The plan's authors estimate it could generate 3 million new industrial jobs and turn the Rust Belt into a global hub for hydrogen and hybrid cars, while simultaneously improving the environment, decreasing thte trade deficit and reducing our dependency on imported oil. A new poll shows strong heartland support for such an approach, with 73 percent of the public, and more than 80 percent of blue-collar men, backing it."

Too many people, especially in the current administration fail to understand that environmental protection is good economics. This is an example of how they go together. Below is the first of several websites listed on google.

Here's a suggestion for the campaign trail. Consider that one of the big problems with the spoken word is that it's terribly difficult to put a real face to the issue(s) at hand. Don't just speak of injustice, show it. Why not have at least 50 people standing behind you at every campaign stop (new people every stop), each of whom has lost a job, health benefits, etc.. Five thousand faces at 100 campaign stops. Not bad.

Less effective, but perhaps more practical is a billboard sized sign behind you with 100 or more pictures of such folks. Have new pictures every stop. I suspect any number of people would provide a photo and a story regardless of which democratic candidate they are leaning towards.

Another approach might be to use the same sized sign with "large" caption showing the amount most of us really got in tax breaks, followed by a thousand or more smaller type names. Could do that with lost jobs or benefits as well.