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I wish I had a G5 Mac... These guys have 1100...

Thanks Buridan!


Oh my... I cannot have even a G5...

It is too bad they couldn't wait for the rackmount G5 Xserves, but they had a big deadline to meet.

The amazing thing is they ordered 1100 machines in normal packaging (obviously with a nice academic and quantity discount). Now they have 1100 mice and keyboards to deal with .. not to mention many more graphics cards than they need.

If it works, this is very inexpensive for this class of computer. It is interesting to note that the stock Apple dual G5 boxes had a better price/performance than anything else out there.

I want one, too, but only one is enough for me. :-)

I want one too! But I'll settle for any decent replacement for my crappy iMac. Four years and 'bout to die.

Go to Fry's in San Diego. They have a 7-8 of them on the floor. My take is that the serious G-5 fans are waiting for the one with dual processors.

You can find duals in the Universities. A friend at Cal Tech notes his department just got a few and he personal order (through the campus store) came in a week ago.

He reports it is wonderful, but adds that he'll be kicking himself in January when the 2.5 GHz Duals are out and in the Summer when the 3.0s arrive ... a never ending game.

Here in NJ you can get singles off the shelf. I don't know if the duals are in, but I do know the waiting list is over 30 deep at the AppleStore I visited.

I like the T-shirt :-)

"My other computer is an 1100 node G5 cluster

Virginia Tech Terascale Facility

Think Different"

Wow bet Unreal runs fast on that! :-)

Wonder what they did with all the spare keyboards and mice? Could use some for work...

Anybody know how one would go about making a not-so-super computer? Like with, let's say, eight nodes (four dual processors)?

I do 3D graphics, and I could probably talk my company into putting together something like that to speed up my workflow...! I use Lightwave, and it has multithreading built in. It can be set to recognize eight processors....

There is the Apple Grid stuff...