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Dan Gillmor blogs about another person losing their job for blogging. Every HR person should read Halley's A Blogger In Their Midst and every PR person should read the cluetrain manifesto and every editor should read Dan's book when it comes out. There is definitely a rift between the "gets" and the "get nots". Having said that, "getting it" is non-trivial and I think we're inventing it as we go along. A lot of people will probably lose their jobs and many others will find new ones as we push the envelope.

I just hope my employees don't sue me for being stealth disco'ed.

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So you wont fire someone for blogging on company time? Cool! Hire me now! I promise to blog constantly from 9 to 6. If you pay me 25M Yen/year I'll blog overtime and on weekends.

Seriously though, there are plenty of good reasons to dispose of an employee, this may be one.

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