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Just Stealth Disco'ed my chairman, Jun. Gee this is addictive. 288K QT File

I must escalate to people outside of my company.


You are one wild and crazy VC, Joi. I'll probably have a nightmare of VCs doing the Stealth Disco behind me while I am making a pitch. I hope they bounce around like you do so I can catch them with my laser-pointer. ;-p

Just wondering when you will introduce your SD videoblog... ;-)

Orson Welles had magic as his back up career. Your secret calling obviously involves the art of boogie.

Joi, what a laugh ;-) the things you get up to are absolutely adorable. May you live for a long time and get off that Atkins diet, you don't need it!

joi-sd-blog available soon tin rss-enclosure format! don't miss a single episode!

So that's what all that thumping was behind me. . . Just think of all the possibilities:

Stealth Tango

Stealth Shakespeare Reading

Stealth Streaking (for those of you old enough to remember)

Or, you could offer a cash prize to the first person to stealth disco Donald Rumsfeld.

Some of us guess Joi will end up SDing Idei-san of Sony CEO... We need a volunteer to capture this.


If you do it with a Sony camcorder, I am sure he won't mind. ;-p

Interestingly, Joi did not show the video where *I* SD *him*.

The soundtrack is cool, too.
Nice vocoding.
I wonder if someone is doing SDC, Stealth Disco Chat, with something like iSight.

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