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Lisa's posted a funny clip of Nazi's on trampolines.


The sad thing is that this is exactly how it will enter the consciousness of most Americans. They will have missed the point: that this kind of athletic and camp gathering among the Hitler Youth had a perniciously evil effect on the psyche of a society.

I think the Daily Show is great--and I am an avid fan--but when the majority of under 25s count it as their major source of news, you get a bunch of folks who don't get it: who see this only as Nazis on Trampolines. As Riefenstahl said, "The object of propaganda has little to do with truth. Its object is to make people lose their judgment."


If you watch the full Back in Black clip, it is hard to miss the point. You didn't get it at all. It is about good things happening to bad people and the injustice of it all. I believe you are projecting a meaning on that clip that The Daily Show did not intend what so ever. I believe half of the things like this that The Daily Show shows are because somebody found it funny. Not because it had a profound political message.

nazi's rule im in love with one and they are not as bad as every makes out that they are...