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The Dean campaign just announced Howard Dean's Internet Initiative.

I will be participating in the Net Advisory Net and I am in good company.

The Net Advisory Net

The Net Advisory Net will present to the Governor and his team diverse and highly-informed opinions concerning the Internet and its potential impact upon society. While many of the members support Dean, he is seeking advice, not endorsements, and the advisors do not necessary support the campaign. Learn more at

The first NAN team will focus on how to bridge the "digital divide" by providing universal broadband access to the Internet. Initial members of the broadband committee include: Hal Abelson, Laura Breeden, DeWayne Hendricks, Joi Ito, Lawrence Lessig, Bob Lucky, David Reed, Richard Rowe and David Weinberger. Other working groups will be established to address the potential of e-government to increase our democracy, balancing the rights of artists and the public domain, protecting the privacy of customers and citizens, electronic voting, protecting children and vulnerable communities from Internet exploitation, and controlling spam without impeding the basic architecture of the Web. The goal of each working group will be to frame issues and hold conversations about public policies in order to prepare specific suggestions for the Governor to consider and proposals for addressing these issues in a Dean administration.

I think the Dean campaign's involvement of the Internet could revolutionize the way politics and democracy work. I'm excited to be part of the team and am very interested in how this ties into emergent democracy. I'm also looking forward to taking what we learn and bringing it back to Japan.

There is a less boastful and better post about this with a bunch of links on David Weinberger's blog.


Hi Joi-san. first time to post here.

I found Dean's campaign very unique, particularly his use of "". I was surprised to see more than 110,000 people signed up his support community world wide. There is Dean's support gathering in Tokyo on 10/1.

Unlike services such as "" , this service could be used well even in Japan(though only in English), rather global. I have a feeling "" could be used in the wide range of public interest group, politics, NGO,alumni community, etc...

I think Japanese political candidates who will face the upcoming election should take a close look at Dean's use of internet and online community.

Please keep up good work, Joi-san,


While I like what I hear from David and other netizens, I have rather been disappointed with the language used by the campaign in public events, it seems far too much of politics as usual.

I am hopeful this will have some positive benefits, but based on the language I have seen I can't assume it.

u no this is just a scam to get votes bc he dusnt have jobs n we ned jobs 2 fix the ecology so my parents can go leave me alone


I'm interested in the ramifications of a Japanese national (you are, right?) working in the U.S. political process. Or does Web-ness erase nationalities?



We're advising Dean, not necessarily promoting/endorsing him, although I wouldn't be unhappy if he displaced Bush. I am not voting or contributing money to the campaign. I'm will try to help the campaign come up with good ideas about Internet related policy issues and initiatives. I think that it is healthy for anyone to receive information and "advice" broadly. The Dean campaign doesn't have to listen to me and I am just a part of the "global dialog". Also, as long as the US is "bombing countries to democracy", I think that listening to voices outside of the US is the least they could do.

Finally, I am very interested in how politics and the Internet interact. I think a lot of this knowledge could help democracy globally.

so glad to see you are on the NAN -- this is an important raising of the bar for internet awareness in the public sphere. Even if Dean's bid is thwarted, it's great to see his campaign is pushing past the level where it can be wriiten off as a gimick to get more votes.
And I for one, am glad someone outside the country is on the NAN, and the fact that it's you is so much the better!

Do you know how you get to be on the advisory team?

Thanks Kevin.

I don't know what the process is Laura. They just invited me and I agreed. I think they have a pretty open system for participating in the various activities though. You should take a look at the site. There's a lot there.

Hi Joi-san,

Gore's heavy-duty endorsement may have backfired on premium Dean domains.

Disappointed with the average American's shrug at Gore's endorsement for Dean, the folks who paid big money on consultants' big idea decided to dump six premium Howard Dean domains on Ebay.

Starting bid is set at an ambitious $0.02. The six domains in the package include the following:







Would someone throw in his(her) two pennies' worth and pick up these domains? We will see. Log on to for the latest development.

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