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Reading about AKMA's hernia operation reminds me of my own hernia operation. My scar stings with the memory like Harry Potter's scar. This also reminds me of my tonsillectomy. I remember after the operation thinking, "this hurts WAY to much for it to be worth it. Note to self: remember how much this hurts." The funny thing is, I don't remember how much it hurt. My theory about anesthesia is that it's probably just as much about making you forget your pain as it is about making you not feel it. Would you choose to have more pain, but not remember it, or choose less pain but perpetual memory of it? I guess most people would choose no pain... ;-p Which reminds me of the Jack Handy quote, "I'd rather be rich than stupid." Enough associative memory fun...

I hope you feel better AKMA. I'm still going to SD you. Actually, looking forward to SD'ing everyone this weekend in Boston. muahahaha!


go ahead Stealth disco me :-) ! Looking forward to meeting you!

I remember my own hernia operation. Small umbilical hernia. After the epidural anesthesia I felt like an invalid, without any sensibility below my hips.

What an awful feeling!

At least only last a few hours.

I was once dignosed hernia by my doc but latter they came realized that they were mistaken it was rather kidney stone. I'm all fine now. :D