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Off to Boston for Bloggercon. I'll be there until Wed. My sidekick will be AIM enabled. Ping me at joichiito on AIM if you want to hook up. I'll be p-timing.


Have fun! FYI, I'll be moving into your home while you are gone, after I convince the police to help me break in by pretending to be you after stealing your data from the now-confirmed hackable Juki Net.

so bummed I couldn't go :(
Kiss Halley, Ryan and Dave for me :)


Hi Joi,

Looks very interesting is there any place I could find a calendar with the next events about blogging like this ?


Please don't forget to Stealth Disco Dave Winer :-D

Be careful, though, when you stealth disco Dave--don't startle him. Remember: he's a cardiac patient.