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Russell Beattie, Jason Kottke, Cory and Aaron blog about the new Terms of Service for Google AdSense. AdSense is a way to allow you to sell advertising space on your own site to advertisers using Google AdWords. It's a cool service for blogs with lots of traffic to allow people to earn a little money.

The new Terms of Service allow Google to easily cancel your account and several people have complained that they have been shutdown unfairly. More importantly, the new terms do not allow you to talk about AdSense in public or to contact any of the advertisers directly. This seems to go against Sergey Brin's Google rule #1: "Don't be Evil."

I think I remember Google saying at the beginning that they wouldn't do advertising... I guess I remember when Infoseek used to charge the user to search. ;-) Things change... But I hope Google realizes that stifling free speech about part of its service is evil and also stupid.


Any kind of click-through programme is going to generate distrust and kick up criticism. I don't think Google needs to be any more transparent with either its algo or its business process.

more "temperatures rising over Google AdSense" at

Can you set up adsense on blogs now? They turned down several of my sites when it launched saying they were not offering the service to "blogs" or "personal websites"

AdSense let me include the program on my blog because they approved the use of their Ad Syndicator code across the whole of the URL and my blog takes up several directories under that URL.

I noticed that my click-thru rate dropped to exactly 0% for the last few days. Never mind this percentage being low, but I've never seen no click-thrus for such a long period. I clicked thru on a banner on my site, waited a day and the click didn't show up. Funny my adwords click-thru rate is unchanged. Might all be coincidence. I wonder if something bigger is up at Google camp?

bad service with internet

Many blogs sport AdSense advertising, and that trend seems to be growing. Considering that Google now owns Blogger I don't think that is too surprising.

if you click one of the ads you are out of the game !! this is google adsense new terms things !! i clicked one of the ads they running on my websites and they kicked me out without warning and they waited till the end of the month to tell me that . the problem is i did a mistake and i admit , but they dont really care about small buisness sites or low traffic sites .

the adsense is ok !! you make some money with it , but they will kick you out in next corner .

Odd. I have clicked on ads on my site before because I found them of use! I have even bought from sites that I have found through adsense on my site. The site pulls in about £2k a month so I guess Google must value the traffic as we have never been dumped.

I think if you put adsense on your site and you are the only one to click ads and they tie up ad click IP's with the log in to your adsense account then they might ban your site.

Still, to click your own ads on a low level traffic site is a little foolish :o)

Well man how much time it takes to get payment from Adsense it has almost been 2 months and i have not recived my first check, and what should i do about it.I contacted Google people but no response recived yet