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Bloggercon was fun. It was great meeting so many of the bloggers I read and finding them just as interesting in person as I could ever have hoped. I'm not going to make a list of people who I met because I'm going to forget to mention someone if I try. If this were Japan, I would have a business card from everyone I met and could easily make a list. I wonder why the business card thing hasn't become more ubiquitous in the West...

Anyway, thanks Dave and everyone else who made bloggercon possible.


Yes, it was great. I've just arrived back in Europe.

Thanks for being there Joi.

I agree with the japanese business card concept. I usually forget the names of those I meet without cards, however nice they are.

A note to all readers: Why not simplify life for others and get some business cards printed? :-)

Sounds like a blast :)

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