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During my session at Bloggercon, I got Stealth Disco'ed by Halley Suitt.


Who took the video?


Halley is my hero! :)

I would of so stealthed everyone if I was there!


hey wtf? why is it putting my real name up there? uggh stupid computers make me drink :P

I'm shocked, Joi, that you got yourself SD-ed. And where are the video-captures of you SD-ing others? Don't tell me you didn't! ;)

Sweet, sweet justice :)

Joi, it was I — I cannot tell a lie. Well, yes, I can, but I try to avoid it. . . .

she has some nice moves. good hit.

Since yesterday, stealth disco refused to show on screen. Saw it for the first time just now but it took ages to appear. Can't figure out wikis and IRC either so the problem is probably this end. :-(

As SuperNova 2004, Loic got James Seng to do a Stealth Disco during his panel, and then James double dared Loic to do one during his - which was moderated by Liz Lawley.


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