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To make my point here, I have first admit that I often go to the Technorati top 100 page to see where my blog is ranked. I admit that it goes against my negative feelings about the power law, etc. and is a bit self-absorbed.

Anyway, when Technorati added Live Journal and surged in indexed blogs, my ranking dropped enormously and I was barely still on the list. Lately, I've slowly crawled back up. Recently I've been neck to neck with a blog called ":: i don't give a shit what you think :: ". It felt weird seeing, "I don't give a shit what you think Joi Ito's Web." ;-) I just noticed that I finally passed it. The funny thing about this list is that I seem to have (in my mind) a relationship to blogs close to me in ranking. I tend to read them to see who they are. I see some blogs slip down the list, and some others shoot up. I try to find what causes their rise and fall by looking at their Technorati cosmos.

Am I weird?


i have absolutely zero idea what technorati cosmos is, and the i'm slightly frightened that i'm only a few positions away from somethingawful. but i had no intention of implying that i didn't give a shit what you thought 0_o - i can only assume it's spidered my old address because of the jedi quiz. *sigh*

Hiya neighbor! Nice to meet you. ;-)

Ha! Now it says 'small victory, joi ito's web'.

Not wierd, just wired.