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The FCC says it's OK to say "fuck" on TV. So it is OK to broadcast, "fucking USA" ?

Via MetaFilter and Boing Boing


On the show "South Park" they had an episode where various characters said "shit" about 150 times. A scene showed a school teacher explaining to elementary school children that as long as the word wasn't used literally it was okay. There were other scenes where the word "fag" was used, but only censored if the speaker was not a homosexual, because if a homosexual says it, it can't be in a hateful context. This censored/uncensored thing was used to reveal that a certain character was gay.
It would appear that "fucking USA" is only using the word figuratively, and the FCC would not care.

South park is a great cartoon that shows (in a funny way) things how they really are. if you saw the episode that the kids of south park go to iraq, it says lots of trues like %70 of the world really hates the usa, and that the usa is only in iraq for the oil and not for liberate poor people. and if you don't like the cartoon, don't see it. ¡¡¡¡¡Fuck the usa!!!!! and the uk

F the USA , From a Argentinian.
what a joke, a country that at one time might have been regarded as part of western civilization, yes at one time long ago, they had one of the Highest Standards of living in "latin America" but now the worlds shit hole. blame it on Rio, or better yet the USA. shut your mouth you joke, you fool. go back to your shit hole of a country and eat shit. and don't come to the USA we have enough lazy, dumb nit wits, like you already, don't forget your food stamps and govt hand outs, you lazy ass piece of crap.

South park is the biggest cartoon here in Germany!

FUCK THE U.S.A i live in this shit hole and as soon as i turn 18 im out of this gay liying stealing country

blame it on Rio, or better yet the USA. shut your mouth you joke, you fool. go back to your shit hole of a country and eat shit.

It's true. I've never in my life seen such bullshit going on in America. I was in the Navy and served my Country and worked a decent job for 20 years. The people here are fucking miserable and downright MEAN, UNCARING and some of the worlds most GREEDY sons a bitches on the Planet!!! I've got a way out of here and I cannot get out of here fast enough! When you see how others live in other countries and everyone gets a FAIR piece of the pie like this country USE to stand for it makes me climb the walls to get out of THIS Shithole!!! We've got Mexicans working for the Rich and more Dot-Heads since 9-11 than EVER. Great Job Bush you TWAT!!! Import the Fucks then start War with them...what a Mental Giant. All in all, I heard that the U.S.A. was becoming Third World. The way I see this Country now it goes against every moral fiber in me. I will NOT send my children to War for this Piece of Shit Country!!! Osama Bin Laden is no friend of mine however, if he were to Nuke this shithole it wouldn't be all that bad.

Fuck the U.S.A.

The USA is a modern corruption. The ancients had their share of violence. But they had no television to mandate their expenditures. They had bows, arrows, teepees, and flint. They had simplicity. Greed is a human characteristic. It probably will continue cycles. I think that the Egyptians fell to greed. I think that the Romans fell to greed. I think that the Industrial order of the western world is very close to the same demise. My bow is in good order, and my arrows are straight and waxed to perfection. June 6, 2006 is on its way. May your bows and arrows be ready to protect your oats and water. Fuck the USA!

My recollections of Americans go back to 1944.
At that time I wanted to be a submariner RN but I was only 16 years old and the recruiting CPO kept telling me to Fuck Off.
But my recollections of US servicemen at that time were vastly different to what this site portrays.
Is my memory playing tricks or have things really changed that much.?

I would like to write a big FUCK THE USA .

When you came in my country in the end of WW2 it was not to save us from the Nazi (Hitler's rising had been paid by Georges W Bush's grand father) but to impose your Marschall's shit and to steal all the money you could.

Some Americans seem to want peace, that's nice ! But a bunch of asslicker (you can see them on can easily hide them and give a wondeful image of a racist and rotten republican America. Don't know if those people who go to the church on sunday and masterbate themself on a Playboy issue other days will quickly die (thanks to all the weapons they buy to have a protection against "black or arabic monsters") but i hope so...

God fuck those pieces of shit !

Really fuck usa and uk its the most countries of decay everything is allow over there they r stupid got a fucking ruler , just watch an american movie and see how is everything allow like sex ,swearwords anything you imagine, i just wanna nice world and peace on everywere no fuckin domination
i really dont hate the ppl of usa or uk but i just hate there rulers they want to occupy everywere .
i know that my english is kinda weak cuz im alerdy speek arabic and really i want to say more and more but....
16 m Egypt

I guess you got your swear words from american movies...

lol no cuz i speek arabic dude

The USA today thinks it's the center of the world and it's a cuntry that really got a big idea of itself... I'm not anti-american: i've got many american friends ! Of course, most of 'em aren't from the USA but many countries that share that continent. Then I've got some US friends and I must admit I'm okay with most of the US population.

But when it comes to politics, especially foreign politics and the US government I really think we need a change. The capitalist model offered by the US is really crap! It pisses me off the way they think they can send UN and any international treaty they feel like to hell... I mean, what's the point in signing these in the first place?

In any cases, I think the US really is giving a bad society model. They claim to be democratic and open when really their society is one of the most violent and closed down one. Damn it, they've got the highscore as to the proportion of it's population in jails (according to UN and Amnesty)... Over 1% of the US population is incarcerated presently. That's way more than China or Iraq or the USSR ever had! Yet, they still also have the highest score as far as criminality goes...

These two facts alone should make anyone think about the model they are offering the rest of the world! A model where a CEO makes these days more than 300 times the money his average worker is gonna get paid !!! I mean it's okay for a ceo to get more money than it's employees, but to a certain extend and limit ! A factor of 300 ? That's how you start revolutions!

In any cases, the great US person that was Jefferson said it himself: to be a patriot is to question every single decision the government takes and be prepared for revolution... That's something the USA has totally forgotten! They're all so scared of their gov and the police over there that it seems to me the country is filled with armes and paranoïd people! I remember discussions with very conservative US farts where they told me that at least, with the biggest part of their population armed, they are ready to take on any invasion attempt... Cracks me up! Who's gonna try and invade the USA ? That's a big joke! Other countries have spent money on education and social wellfare when the US puts it all in it's military and puts complainers in jail.

No, the good thing about everyone being armed in the US is that they are probably more than ever ready for a civil war! Viva la revolucion!

Dude we're all going to hell anyway, who cares if we kill people or lie cheat steal

Listen To Slayer, It All Makes Sense