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I'm on my way to Kyoto.

See ya later USA... and thanks for all the fish.


Bon voyage. What fish?

the hitchhiker's fish :)

i hope he didn't forget his towel...

At SFO now...

Good. What's SFO?


never could eat raw fish;

got into trouble with being a newbie cyborg...everything one does is recorded...even dyslexic mistakes; My brain would never have succeeded as a physician in greek society; selection is for the more linguistic apt. but in the us, I beat the multi choice tests and here I am; a cyborg doc dealing with being human and machine....steve in toronto is supportive...but I do not know if he picked up on internal strife and classification of humanity within hellenism which is...very nationalistic...and frighting in new europe...I guess its safe to post here obscurly and somehow break open the ideas of Kana and Kanji systems of language and how it pertains to thought and evolution of language...the Kairis ideas are obscure, but could get me into more trouble than my wife care to be in...its not nice to be publically excommunicated from the Greek Orthodox Church...I do not know if steve understands this level of marginalization....

Subject: Andrioti Art in Toronto/Kairi influence on Sofia Bassas

My aunts name is Sofia Bassas; her art Work was on exhibit at the Parnassus prior to her passing away. We wish to exhibit it at Professor Mann's Gallery in the context of an exhibit demonstrating the connection between modern Greek art and math. The objects painted by my aunt pertain to our village on Andros; the theme, is the objects of the village and of a time past; the water flows through the images very subtly, sometimes it is not visible on the canvas and implied with motion of the persons in the pictures swimming and working in a mediated landscape representing the artists memory. The paintings also document a slow departure of persons from the village to the city or off to foreign lands.

My aunt was influenced by a Andrioti Philosopher and Greek independence revolutionary by the name of Theophilis Kairis. He began his intellectual carreer as a Greek Orthodox priest; he traveled to France during the French revolutionary period and was exposed to the ideas of the enlightenment as well as modern mathematics, science, sociology and political science. He was also concerned regarding astronomy and the mathematical equations of Kepler; Mecanique celeste by Laplace may have been a work studied by Kairis but this would require some more research to confirm. Much of this work involved the study of ellipses and cones and predated non-Euclidian geometry of the next generation of mathmeticians.

Kairis fought and was a hero of the Greek revolutionary war; he is seen as being a bit of a trouble maker regarding his philosophic questions by the Greek Revolutionary diary writer Makrigiannis. One could also speculate that through the secrete society of the Philiki Eteria, that Kairis had brought back to the Greeks ideas and Plans regarding organizing battles against the Ottomans. Monge as well as Laplace were very close to Napoleon and this system of logistics may have been part of the battle plan in several sea engagements.

Kairis also depended upon nature and the environment surrounding to teach the above. Also the mazelike ally ways of Chora (name of town Kairis lived in) built to protect citizens from pirate invasion have statistical implications as do the irrigation systems on the island. Practical Astronomy for sailors was also taught.

Many of his students would became ship captains and others, farmers. Of the farmers, some built objects such as water mills and irrigation systems.

Professor Mann and Myself are working on a system of image processing to document an archeological experience to demonstrate that the structures built between 1827 and 1888 where built under the influence of Theophilis's Kairis's school and involve applied mathematics from some famous mathematicians from the French revolution period...

professor Mann makes use of a system of eye tap technology based on advanced photography systems that place pixels directly onto the retina; this is also in conjunction with a wearcam system to photograph ones day to day experience. this has medical applications and hopefully the research we achieve from the art show will transition into medical research with Pfizer.

we are planning on getting an Eye Tap to Andros to do the actual archeological work, ie, work the land to demonstrate the waterflow problems: also interviews with the villagers about Kairis will make a tremendous impact to the show in the form of multiple documentaries. perhaps Mrs Goulandris would participate since the water flows through her land before exiting to the ocean. (this system has impication on corpus collosum function and language, interaction of abstract and verbal, right and left hemispheres)

Mrs Goulandris would be proud of the extension of these ideas regarding archeology and history started by Kairis's nephew in his book "Isoria tis Nisou Andros" by Dimitri Paschlis. Sofia Bassas had given me my copy and told me to learn it well. My understanding is that Mrs. Goulandris is very fond of this book; Many of the archeological findings in Mrs. Goulandris's Museum on Andros where made by Mr. Paschalis.

Professor Mann and myself can translate to you the mathematical ideas and how they overlap with the French revolution (LaPlace and Monge) ; we wish to perform mathematical analysis in the field during archeological surveys;

to demonstrate that probability and geometry was used by students of Kairis in building water flow structures. We wish to document the life experience of the farmers on the island and the oral traditions regarding Kairis. With this life experience, we would learn of the nature of direction of water and interesting aspects of fluid mechanics. We also would like to search for remnants of any mathematical treatise hidden in the archeological survey.

The results of our survey are to be showcased in Toronto at Deconism Gallery; we would be honored to also have an opportunity to showcase the results on Andros.

we also hope to summarize Greek mathematics through the ages represented through Professor Mann's imaging system; the geometry of vases and cycladic art is of would we get a Eye Tap photographer to catalog Mrs. Goulandris's modern art?; how do we get permission to walk through other museums in Greece? We would correlate our field finding on Andros with the Museums artifacts.

The idea of image processing and Hellenic art is something I spoke with Nanos Valioritis at Princeton during a brief answer and question series about his poetry about 8 years ago. his take was the importance of Greek cinema; ( Dr. Gondicas I left a breif statement on your Message Machine today, thank you for your time, I do need some help locating some information Nanos had clued me into, furthermore, Elizabeth Bolemann Herring is good friends with Dr Keeley who I met during that meeting 8 years ago, say we say cheretismata from some poetic persons!)

Professor Mann's art is about a persons eye becoming the tool of art, photography, and cinema;

The idea of view orbit is that one takes pictures of ones enviroment as a drawer draws or paints.

Our concept will look at ancient and middle age Greek mathematics and "see" how it is applied; vases and geometry come to mind;

these ideas are evolving from facial recognition computer programs as well as an electrovisualgram that Dr. Mann and has been working on;

A lot of what professor Mann does is to convert the 3-D world into a 2-D representation upon the retina; this involves mathematical algorithms that take one from the Euclidean world to the non-Euclidean....which is also a mathematical trend at the Athens Polytechnic....

The overall idea would be to find vases and cycladic art that demonstrates geometric ideas from antiquity; we would photograph the vases using Professor Mann's Eye Tap System. Then we would augment the viewers intelligence with mathematical and geometric images to mediate the perception and improve ones understanding of abstract concepts. This would also be done with Sculpture and Byzantine images; We would move onto contempary Greek art and show the relation with modern technology such as photography, cinema and cellphone use in Greece.

These Ideas overlap with my research with Professor Mann regarding Prosopoagnosia and Dementia; we will be working on the ideas regarding an medical informatics system to correlate patient symptoms and new concepts regarding macroscopic analysis of illness via an electrovisualgram...this also has sociolingustic implications;

There is an interesting phenomena of Japanese language that applies here; kana is the syllabic script and kanji is based on the ideograph script; if the parietal temporal occipital area is injured, patients cannot read or write in kana but retain kanji ability...such information overlaps with the transition of the Greek language and serves as a biomedical archeology of the evolution of modern Greek (something Pashalis and Kairis would love to hear about!)

So to summarize, we wish to display Sofia Bassas art and demonstrate vicariously through Professor Mann system the thoughts and ideas behind Modern Greek Art.

Stefanos Pantagis MD

the above was sent to Princeton yesterday to the dept of hellenic studies; One of my patients is a Phd 39 and we are trying to get him plugged in as a cyborg to get at the more interesting research by gould and the math persons...steve has nothing to do with this and I accept all resposibility...trouble could be good for the soul....

Ingrid SFO is the airport code for San Francisco airport.

Just arrived in Osaka. On train on my way to Kyoto now.

Joi = This is an order. Take it easy. Sleep. Eat. Sleep more. Don't do anything! This was a heckof a busy week and I'm still recovering from BloggerCon. Okay, I'll turn off "MOM MODE" now, stop lecturing you and get back the the regularly scheduled programming. H

Conscious and unconscious emotional learning in the human amygdala.

Morris JS, Ohman A, Dolan RJ.

Wellcome Department of Cognitive Neurology, London, UK.

If subjects are shown an angry face as a target visual stimulus for less than forty milliseconds and are then immediately shown an expressionless mask, these subjects report seeing the mask but not the target. However, an aversively conditioned masked target can elicit an emotional response from subjects without being consciously perceived. Here we study the mechanism of this unconsciously mediated emotional learning. We measured neural activity in volunteer subjects who were presented with two angry faces, one of which, through previous classical conditioning, was associated with a burst of white noise. In half of the trials, the subjects' awareness of the angry faces was prevented by backward masking with a neutral face. A significant neural response was elicited in the right, but not left, amygdala to masked presentations of the conditioned angry face. Unmasked presentations of the same face produced enhanced neural activity in the left, but not right, amygdala. Our results indicate that, first, the human amygdala can discriminate between stimuli solely on the basis of their acquired behavioural significance, and second, this response is lateralized according to the subjects' level of awareness of the stimuli.

think byzantine empire and the end of free thought!

one needs to be proactive to prevent the cult of images from controling ones behaviour...

Stalin; Che; Hitler; Modern advertisement and the fashion of near naked commodified flesh

tolstoy uses trains as metaphore; great to read ivan ilyvich as cyborg

these thoughts make more sense while experiecing jet lag...

as a young child, i was taught to tell between greek and non greek; relative, church member, villager ect.

later in life, i would see a balkan war on tv and experience reactions of relatives regarding albanian immigrants and began to understand why this was so emphasised...

my uncle spoke to a albanian empoyee who pointed to the city and said all this will be greater albania;

my uncle and his friends cursed the americans and collected arms...

thank god nato interviened...

tolstoy had a thing against arms just sitting around...

europe is still a dangerous place...

death is a time of transition; the systems of communication are evolving in that we can live a life and have a duel existence part of which could remain and continue to communicate with other duel entities; could machines feel for us after we die?

experiene new happeninga and learn new and ever present knowlege?

could we write meaningful poems and have arguments with our machine personalites?

is this deconism?

alpha waves recorded to maintain ones autonomy after we biologically die?

could we be frozen only to be reprogramed on another planet?

is kairis alive in a socratic, unwritten joke waiting to be discovered the archeologic record a mmathematical treatise extending laplace's theories?

my wife says i am romantisising a dead neglected philosopher...

but what questions got him imprisoned and why would someone devise a new calender?

is art the ultimate expresion and system of communication between generations?

The equation of double detournement

that seemed so clear yesterday, seems confusing in the aftermath of the terrorist inequalities.

So Magritte's "high culture" has alternately oscillated down to "low culture" and back up, back and forth, cycling in simple harmonic motion, but eventually fading out to the point where we can no longer tell up from down.

Antonin Artaud coined the phrase "Virtual Reality" in the 1930s to describe theatre ("la realite virtuell" translated in "The Theater and Its Double", 1958).

Thus Virtual Reality was once a form of "high culture" that has now been co-opted by the advertising giants.

Ironic, indeed, that the epitome of simulacra is theatre. But now all the world's a stage. And there's no longer a difference between theatre and shadow.

Thus, at least in some sense, satire is no longer possible because the classical Greek Theatre's Proscenium has been smashed to pieces, in the sense that we can no longer distinguish between the audience and the players.

At first glance, one might be inclined to regard DECONference as a Greek Tragedy. The shower (which every attendee was required to take, after each attendee had been stripped to search for contraband) calls to mind cleansing. DECONtrabanding is for purity. DECONtamination is a catharsis of contamination. Fear and pity for and among the "victims" of the bioterror attack that DECONference initially simulates with the script of an anthrax scare

Thanks for that Bear Droppings. Never guessed SFO because I imagined flying to Japan was in the opposite direction!

Still wondering about all those fish.....

Atkins diet is all meat and cheese :-)


Hi Stefanos - you ought to start a weblog - it's real easy to do (and free of charge) over at BLOGGER

aw man I so would of come and sat with you at SFO too well not in my present flu like condition but if you're stopping at SFO on the way back buzz me and i'll come sit with you and make you laugh with silly jokes mmK? :)

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