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Ryuichi Sakamoto sent me an email asking me to make people aware of a movement to get Aya's Shoyo-Jurin, an Evergreen Oak forest in Japan selected as a World Heritage site and help protect this very important forest. Check out the web page if you're interested in forests. It's an amazing place that I hope to visit soon.


Hey Joi,

If you make a trip down to kyushu I'd love to go off to see this forest with you. Looks pretty amazing and I'm continuely impressed with Miyazaki-ken.

Thanks for the heads up

Aya's forest is the most beautiful virgin forest in southern Japan. Nothing compares to it.

From 1983 to 1985 I travelled Japan as a botanist, seeing lots of wonderful natural areas. Aya, seen from a kilometer away as I rounded the bend in the river, made me gasp at the beauty of its mature canopy.

What can I do to add my voice to the appeal for its preservation?

I've got some Questions to Aya's forest:
Does it ever freeze in the Winter in Aya's forest?
What is the lowest Temperature in the Winter?
Are Frogs or some Amphibians common there?
If there are what species of Frogs are there?
Is it a subtropical climate there?

Hi Joi
I've got a few Questions to Aya's forest:
What is the lowest Temperature in the Winter there?
Is it a subtropical climate there?
What kinds of Frogs or Amphibians can you see there?
Are there also Reptiles there?

I'm very interested in tropical Nature.I was in the Rain Forests of Costa Rica and Malaysia and I really liked it there. I'll be a Rain Forest Ranger in the future. If the Global Warming turns the Tropical Rain Forests into Deserts I'd move to the Aya's forest. There climate change might not be so bad. Will it?