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We just had another earthquake. I'm glad I'm in my new house in Chiba surrounded by big trees and a bamboo forest. Researchers in Japan says that Tokyo is overdue for THE BIG ONE soon. Kevin Marks says it's all powerlaws and they're not periodic. You can keep your powerlaws. I'm glad I moved out of Tokyo. I'll wait until it's flattened again before I move back.


The Ebisu Garden Place Tower did a big hiccup. I was thinking it was the big one. I guess we have escaped for now.

Looks like Chiba was ground zero for this one though. Sure felt it here in Chiyoda-ku.

These are becoming a little too regular. This one felt different, it was an "up and down" motion as opposed to the usual sway. I hear that is bad, I dont really want to know though.

Hope you're all well there. I remember a bunch of quakes from living in LA 1990-2000. When they hit, there was no time to dread them in advance, but the days that followed with their many aftershocks were almost tougher to deal with. You kept feeling you were getting back on your feet, but then only to get rattled again, or knocked back down. Only one cure -- stay in bed, read, drink tea, do nothing. H

These up-and-down ones are evil--the Ark Mori building did a brief judder followed by a hop-and-flop that made it seem bigger than the 4 it actually was, and when I got home I found something that was a first for me--actual damage. The logo'd mirror that we had made to welcome guests to our wedding had done a clean dive off the bookshelf onto the floor and ended up as a pile of glass shards. Hope this is not an indicator of incoming bad luck! I shudder to think what a really Big One would entail. Moving out of Tokyo starts to sound ever more sensible.

Damn... Subconsciously (superstitiously perhaps?) I've X'ed moving to California becasue of the potential of "the Big One". Then I X'ed NYC because of the Cumbre Vieja Mega-Tsunami...

I was just about to pack my bags for Tokyo.. but now...


Joi, did you know that the origin of yesterday's earthquake was in North Chiba?

I dont worry about this living in Tokyo. I noticed the quake and even though it started "up and down" it was not that bad at all. Do I worry about "the big one" that Japanese scientists have been predicting? Not at all. I have as much faith in the local siesmologists as I have in my local palm reader. No one can predict these things. If it comes it comes.

yep i was typing away on the computer at home office mansion in shibuya when... bang the motions of up and down earthquake hit.

these totally freak me out. iam up 8 floors so me immediate goal if a big one does hit is too get down to the ground as quick as possible. scary!

joi decision to move to chiba country side is perhaps not bad after all.

if a tree fell due to an earthquake in joi's forest...

would any of us hear it? :-)

andrew - who's here for the riots afterwards. :)

I'm a (frequent) visitor to Tokyo (from Australia), but Oct 15 was my first ever earthquake. My Japanese colleagues found that hard to believe.

I shrugged it off as being an interesting experience, but now having done a bit of research I've discovered that people are expecting a big one in Tokyo "at any time". I wish I hadn't done the this case, ignorance is bliss. Better go stock up on paper bags :-) Is it better to be on the top or the bottom of a building?


from virilio's cartier site...did Rheinhold ever meet virilio?

How close was Saturday's quake to your place?

Pretty close. Closer than downtown Tokyo. Dogs freaked out I heard. I was out of town...

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