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A few days ago, I asked Nanjo-san if he could give a few of us a special tour of the new Mori Art Museum before it opens this Friday. Lisa has some notes and photos on her new blog. This Art Museum will be largest in Japan. It's quite amazing what they've done and what they plan to do. Look forward to visiting often.


Those photos are amazing, that place is going to be super rad. How museums and gallerys make use of their space is always facinating to me, parobably because of my own gallery. Adding another thing to the list of things to do next time I'm in Japan...

Hey, I went to the opening last night. Okay, that is a bit of a lie. I was nearby while the opening was taking place. Of course they wouldn't let me in, because I am not a Tokyo bigwig. But I watched the many Tokyo bigwigs entering. It was funny because they were all posing. Half of them stopped in front of the entrance and looked around like someone should be taking a picture, capturing for posterity all the effort they put into their meticulously eccentric outfits and hairstyles. I am really jealous that you got to go inside though, especially without all the hob-knobbers. The place looks really great.

Well, I wasn't invited to the party either. I think it's probably because I didn't join their club. ;-)

“Modern Means” has been specially assembled by MoMA curators, Deborah Wye and Wendy Weitman, in cooperation with David Elliott and Mori Art Museum curator Kim Sunhee.

Dear David,

Hope you're enjoying the change. Deborah Wye just acquired a work of mine for MOMA and I see you are working in cooperation. I would like to send an attachment of two exhibitions on the West Coast, Anastasi Bradshaw Cage Cunningham in San Diego and Six Continents, my solo show in LA.

Would you send you email?

With kind regards,