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I emailed Governor Domoto yesterday to let her know I moved in and became a Chiba resident. She emailed me back and said she was going to be in the neighborhood and would drop by our new house the day after tomorrow. Yikes! Nothing like a little pressure to unpack and clean up the house. I wonder what the protocol is with the neighborhood. This is like some kind of Japanese protocol adventure game...


Joi = When Gov. Domoto came by my house, I got her the Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Submarine Sandwich -- the six-foot long one. She went nuts for it. She has quite an entourage and they all wanted a slice of it. Order yours here:

Also, she goes for Green Tea in a big way, which I bet you have hanging around there somewhere.

Have fun -- Halley

Amazing, I can't even get my co-workers to visit my house. When are we going to see pictures of your home?!

I guess you'll have to do a tea ceremony in your tatami room. Or, at the other extreme, you'll just present Guv'nor Domoto a diet coke from the vending machine and a bento-box from the local combini? ;)


Welcome to Chiba (you probably don't remember that I live in Chiba, too). When you said "must clean house," I thought you were talking about Gov. Domoto. Chiba has a dismal record in terms of ethical government and "quasi-governmental organizations" such as the local housing authority.

Charles, have you written anything about some of the problems in Chiba?

No. I've been a model citizen who commutes to Tokyo like many who live between Tokyo and Narita. That deal where the Chiba Housing Corporation paid 17 billion yen for a ridge assessed at 7 billion at bubble prices was interesting. I wonder who profited? Shades of Enron (in a different industry).