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Wired just ran an article casting me as "The Tokyo Node". Clay is "The Tech Node" and Linda Stone is "The Valley Node". I'd say that's pretty good company. It says we secretly run the world. It's not true. Really.

A few clarifications... I didn't "head" the "Blueprint for Japan 2020" this year but was just a rather big node in a team and I wouldn't call Creative Commons a "digital archive and copyleft think tank". Also, it was Tony Kobayashi who took me to the Trilateral Commission Annual Meeting to repeat my Davos Japan dinner rant later that year although Idei-san invited me to the Sony Open Forum to rant on.

Anyway... details details... Thanks for the nice write-up Jeff.

UPDATE: I was first mentioned in Wired in an article in Wired 1.03 about MUDs in 1993 by Howard Rheingold.


can we put you in a cisco router?

What's Tim Leary like these days?

I found it interesting that there didn't seem to be a Europe node. I mean I'm sure he/she exists, but it seems like a glaring omission. Is it a subtle indication that europe really is 'old europe?'

If the photo in Wired's Tokyo Node post is of you Joi, at the moment it's bearing the name of Satoshi Miyazawa - or maybe it's a photo of Satoshi Miyazawa.

Sorry, I got sidetracked with my last comment and forgot I wanted to agree with Rio's comment and ask where's our node in Europe?!

Ingrid, Satoshi Miyazawa is the credit for the person who photographed Joi; it's not a misprint.

In a way, the nodes is an emergent phenomenon of blogging. Glad to see it happening - and thanks for the ride. It's been a blast in #Joiito, and I'm sure it'll only get more complex. To Joi, the emergent social Oujia board!

Hey Richard (weird calling you Richard aka Crysflame), I never thought of myself as a Oujia board, but that's pretty cool. I will let the Oujian force guide me...

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