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Governor Domoto greeting some of my neighbors
Governor Domoto visited our house after her lecture at the new health hall opening in Inba. We told the neighbors that she would be visiting and that they were welcome to come and meet her. Many of the neighbors brought vegetables and other gifts. They seemed genuinely pleased to meet her. We took a group photo and Governor Domoto told them that I was a good friend of hers and asked them to be nice to me. I OWE you Domoto-san. Thank you. ;-)

Domoto-san loved the house. She explored every little bit and said it was perfect. The neighbors explained that they had all contributed their best pine trees to the house and that the house was very important to the community. I promised everyone that we would fix the place up (No one has lived here for over a year and it needs a lot of work.), and I promised to invite Domoto-san back when we have it all done. Pressure... Pressure...


Nice photo! It's a real Japanese Style:-)

good going. may i use the photo for my wall paper?

You seem to enjoy your new place, and I am glad. I asked my parents in Inba if there is any good restaurant around, but I guess you will have to discover yourself... Please say hello to Mizuka-san.
Jim's gf Yuka

It sounds wonderful, Joi.

How far is it (in travel time) from Tokyo?

Sure you can use the photo Kenta. ;-)

Yuka, that would be great. We're still trying to find the good places.

Liz, it's 15 min to the station, a 1 hr train ride and another 15 minutes to my office so 1.5 hr total. Not bad really.

Joi, welcome to my world of commuting. Mine is 10 mins to the station, 50m train ride, plus 25m tube. Add some walking and I'm up to 1.5 hour as well.

18 minutes desk to door, give or take 2 minutes.

OTOH, Joi seems to have some actual land and I'm sure his house is 3 times the size of mine...

Joi, your neo-Luddite home fascinates me. Some practical questions: What is life like with well water and a propane tank? Do you use bottled water for drinking and cooking? How is the water hooked into your bathing and toilet facilities? Is there an elevated water tank or an electric pump? Do you use propane for heating water for bathing? Do you have hot water from the faucet for dishwashing? Are you hooked into the sewage system at all? I assume your electricity and phone service are normal? Do you have cable television? What kind of periodic maintanance is required for a septic tank? Overall, will your utilities be more expensive or less expensive than the normal municipal services?

I drink bottled water, but also drink the well water boiled. Everyone here drinks the well water straight. I did an analysis on the water which showed it was safe, but I don't completely trust it yet. It is pumped as needed from the well. We use a propane gas tank and a water heater to heat the water and have neither a water or a hot water tank. The pump is fairly large since they also used it for irrigation so the water pressure is OK. We have no sewage, just a tank. I have ISDN and ADSL. I think the septic tank is a semi-annual deal. Not sure yet. My utilities will probably be cheaper. It depends on how wild my electricity bill gets. I'm thinking of installing solar.