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When I mentioned on my post about ego-surfing Amazon that I wished I could see more context around where my name showed up in the books, Andy Baio pointed out in the comments that you could click on the page number and see the actual page. (Although RIO points out later that Amazon needs your credit card number before they let you do that.)

Anyway, I was looking at the various pages and found this picture taken by Philip Bailey of John C. Lilly with Barbara Lilly, Kazuo and me in The Scientist: A Metaphysical Autobiography by John Lilly. I'm sporting Anarchic Adjustment threads which were hip at the time and I was helping to distribute in Japan. If I remember correctly, they were having a conference about John C. Lilly's work in Tokyo. I remember lots of academics talking on and on about John Lilly and his work. When John was asked to make a comment at the end, he said, "you all know much more about me than I can remember so I don't have much to add. My forgetery is much bigger than my memory." I remember thinking that was very funny. John Lilly was a very smart and very funny man. I miss him.

It's kind of strange thinking about the path that this photo has taken. I remember Philip taking it, I think I remember seeing a print. Then it got published, printed, scanned, searched, downloaded and now blogged. I assume the copyright holder is Philip Bailey and I assume he doesn't mind me posting this.

PS: Philip, I can't seem to find your email address or your web page. If you see this, can you email me?


Hi Joi,

It's interesting you mention John Lilly, as it was thru him that I first heard of you. I have been in the 'Tank' community for years, and am friends with Lee & Glenn Perry the founders of Samadhi Tank Company. I have my own floating company here:


Paul Hughes

Man you look like a deviant ready to start some trouble ;-)


You haven't aged a day!

Nice to meet you Paul! I think your URL was misspelled so I took the liberty of fixing it. I love tanks. I've only been in them a few times. I wish I had a tank here...

Coming from you Jason, I'll take that comment as a compliment.

Thanks Azeem. I should probably start growing up soon though. ;-)

It was meant to be ;-)

...Amazon needs your credit card number...

Well, they may not need it, but they certainly do seem to want it.

So do you still have that baseball cap joi?

Joi! You look so young and handsome, but I dont see any signs of your "punk" days. *wink*

Hi Joi!
I've learned his passing recently. I also miss John very much, and I shall never forget the first time I got into the tank at John's house in Maui..

John Lilly...hmm. A friend of mine lives in a household w/ Lee & Glenn, just up the road from me. Small world.