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I had a weird dream last night. I had a dream that I was spinning records and I had a little chart. On one axis was the record label and on the other was the record player. When ever I played a record, I had to check the label and cross it with the record player to know what the right speed setting for the record was. In real life, I remember being annoyed when records didn't have 45 rpm or 33 rpm on their labels when I was a DJ.

Anyway, a few observations. I'm totally losing it because I remember thinking in the dream, "oh, I should blog this..." Which, I think, is a bad sign. This dream was probably partially triggered by my discussion with James Seng yesterday about identifier standards (which I will blog about later when I understand exactly what we talked about) and partially triggered by thoughts about CSS incompatibilities when trying to redesign my blog. (Which luckily Boris is handling for me right now.) The little chart I had in the dream reminded me of the CSS/browser support charts in the O'Reilly CSS Pocket Reference.

Anyway, isn't it great when we have standards that work and really ugly when we have bad standards or no standards at all? I'm not trying to take a political stand here, just observing and paying homage the the necessity of good standards.


damn babee you spin too?

so groovy indeed!


I agree that it's great to have good standards.
But talking about bad standards... Your stylesheet uses word-wrap: break-word;, a Microsoft proprietary extension to CSS. Also, the stylesheet defines absolute font sizes (in pt and px, which is rather a bad idea in terms of accessibility.

Joi--Two weeks ago I had my first dream in which I had the conscious (or unconscious as it were) thought that I should blog something that was taking place in my dream. I also remember thinking/dreaming/saying-to-myself-within-the-dream that this was too funny, reminding myself to blog this when i'm only dreaming, for crying out loud. All of these synapses firing and misfiring somewhere within sleep.

WTF? Disassociating or integrating, i'm not sure, but it was the weirdest experience once i was awake and remembering the dream 'about having to blog something from my dream and how odd was that' thing.

This can't be good.

Would it be fun if we can blog down our dream?

Dreamblogging...think about it :-)

>I remember thinking in the dream, "oh, I should blog this..."

haha! That's hilarious! I wonder if your country retreat will 'help'? Thanks for the laugh ;-)

sounds like a comparametric insight; steve mann has a discrition of the comparametric with two tape recorders, each recording at different speeds and then plot the info...I did it, I Hacked into your subconscious...

blogging one's dream would definitely be super hype.

CSS incompatiblity is small potatoes compared to EDI Standards Wars. There is the EDI standard then there is the Sears Standard which exists because Sears says if you want us to pay you you will follow our standard. Then there is the Wal Mart Standard. One of these days they will abandon the EDI standard and switch to XML which will cause its own problems.

There was a Wim Wenders movie a few years back about that - Bis ans Ende der Welt

People got addicted to replaying their dreams.
(Great movie - I've been searching for it on DVD here with no luck.)

I haven't had a blogworthy dream yet, I think, nor a dream about blogging, but I used to have nightmares that my server would go down...

I had a dream that CSS stood for Create Several Standards. It was like a record skipping...ugh.

Now you will have to rename your blog to Dreamblog.

Dreambloggin is a great idea... unless you forget what was your dream about after 10 minutes :( Sucks to be me I guess...

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my dream last night was the sadest dream i have ever had.
It was about my grandmother and grandpop who passed away in 2004. I was in their house and we all cought up on things that happened in the past two years .. then they had to leave me to go back to heaven . i started crying when i gave my grandmother a big hug and it felt so good to be in her arms again until i had to let go. it was most difficult to say good by to my grandfather because me and him had a stronger realtionship . he was my best friend , i remember all the times we would go on the back porch at midnight and count all the air plans that would go past the house . i didnt really understand him sometimes so i would call him complcated grandpop. any way back to my dream. i was in the living room with just the three of us and i just got done saying my good bys to my grandmother and was walking toward my grandfather with tears already coming fast down my face. i gave him a huge hug and was still crying. he graped my hand and told me ashley he said ,, i love u so much and i could tell he ment it , he told me good luck in real world and he also told me that i would have a great future that every thing i want i would get when im older ... kissed me good by and left me thats when i woke up with tears in my eyes thats how real it felt.

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