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Just posted some photos from Disney Sea.


Perhaps I can be the second, after Jim, to offer congratulations...
(it may seem like a non-sequitor, but it isn't)

Congratulations on whatever Gen and Jim are talking about.

This is my third visit here today trying to find out what they're talking about.

C'mon man, I'm on narrowband dial-up with no RSS or anything.

Can't keep visiting here all day.

What's happening. What can we look forward to seeing:

Your cat pictures, baby pictures, wedding pictures, all three or WHAT?!

Joi and Mizuka are gonna get married, is what!

Congratulations are clearly in order!

(Great color in the photos, Joi!)

We've lived together for quite a number of years now so it's not really a big deal. There is no formal wedding date set for anything, but since I didn't have a very good idea for her birthday present this year, I gave her a ring. Thanks for all of the kind messages, but we're just chugging along here. Nothing to see here. Move along... ;-)

lol... iam stupid. i thought you were already married to her! assumptions - me bad. anyway congrats hope it works out. but as you said moving along...

why the hell go to disney sea though. i hate that place. went once and waited in line for two hours for the worst ride i have ever been on in my life.

i love the disney pictures! i wish i could go there:-D


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