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Boris just finished the redesign of this site. What you you think? Thanks Boris!


Ack, bright! Me eyes!!!

But I like the look. Very clean =D

Definitely much better. Clean and simple is the way to go. I need to re-do my site too.

Yes definitely cleaner, but a darker background would be nice ;-)



It actually FEELS BETTER blogging with this new design. Thanks Boris!

It looks nice, but one problem. I noticed in XP IE6.0 on the front page it looks nice, but then when you scroll down the left hand border covers a bit of the title and the first letter or two of text.

Great look! I'm going to copy it exactly for my site. I assume it's on the Creative Commons license?

I would agree with what everyone has commented on - the site looks and feels very nice. Clean yet not boring, the layout slick, nice highliting over links, an overall big improvement. Looking good - nice job.

Well, it ain't green-on-black... but apart from that, a very nice re-design. Kudos to Bo! The only thing is that the comment edit box shows up diagonally below the personal detail text fields instead of to the right of them (Using Safari 1.1).

I feel it is easier to read!
Good job Boris!


B = So was that Helvetica Bold I saw you with last night, or that friend of hers, Arial?


P.S. This looks great. FRESH! as Jackson likes to say.

nice work Boris; I had no idea the design was changing further and was honestly impressed the first time I saw it - first impressions are everything.

the name of the person commenting at the top of the comment threw me a little (as opposed to the bottom of the comment) but it makes sense to do it this way - very well thought out...

So, if you're free for a while now Bo, I know of another blog that could do with some work... :D

Its simple yet elegent. I quite like it. Though the buttons on the right are kinda ugly but not unusable

CSS has "text-shadow" now? Really cool effect!

Glad to see the demise of the pretentious Winer-esque "slogan," "Joi's sacrament with the throbbing cyberbahn," or whatever it was.

Wow! I like it!

Well, it always takes me a while to adjust to change, but my first impression is a savage dislike of the navagation bar being on the right. That having been said, I might feel differently once I've seen it a couple of times.

Wow! Thanks everybody!!
I just upped a slightly tweaked CSS file to address some of the issues mentioned here.

About the navbar: I agree it is still ugly and cumbersome. We've trimmed out a lot of stuff but yes I need to make it nicer, less "pronounced" and easier to use. In due time. :)

I like it. Could use a darker stylesheet option and a little more contrast between the different elements would be cool. We implemented a pretty snazzy style switcher on our nw site. Give it a play.

I don't like how all the data preloads in the collapsed sidebars. It slows things down a bit and is a pretty decent sized bandwidth waste. I know I never look at them anymore. When they were expanded I would peruse and click but now it's too deep and I just don't bother. Just my UI 2 cents.

refresh the logo, too! it's kinda blocky...

Very nice and clean! Though one thing you might consider is dating each entry since you have a tendency to post multiple times a day. When I was reading the entry "Why George Bush Sr. didn't occupy Iraq" I had to scroll up to find the date (which was a minor inconvenience...but easily fixed!) Anyways, looks great!

Very nicely done. Your site now loads quickly and all at once rather than slowly and in chunks. I like the high contrast, which is very easy to read on my laptop on low backlight (to save battery).

Overall, quite nice and readable, but I'm really not a fan of the fuzzy shadow text headlines.

nice job bopuc! i like your style.

it's interesting to see this page is rendered better in Mozilla/Firebird than in IE (both Win32)... IE 6.02600.0000 renders the articles at the bottom of the page funny... like it clips the left hand side of the text slightly... could this be a bug in the CSS? or just IE?

I liked the reverse chronological recent comments over the sorted-by-name recent comment list. Before I could just glance at that, going down the list until I recognized what I last read, and quickly know what was new to me.

Thomas and Andrew noticed the same IE6 bug that I did. I left a note for Boris on his site. He's looking into it. I'm thinking it's an obscure IE CSS bug.

The redesign looks great, and as always very clean presentation. One thought: images on the right hand side of the page go to the left brain of the reader first, which is not the side of the brain best equipped for image processing. I believe that having images on the left hand side of the page is consequently more 'natural' for readers. However, I would also have to say that the difference is small, and I saw some research that found that when it comes to navigation menus the left side / right side difference was not material to ease of use:

The new design is simple and clean, with distinctive quoting.

i like the transparent header over the moblog image Boris!!! that's soooo cool!!!

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