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I think it may be due to the press I got this month, but my mailbox has been totally overloaded with a variety requests. I've tried to go back and follow up with people who have sent me email, but I think I've missed a bunch. If you've sent me email about something and haven't received a reply, can you either put yourself in my Public To Do List or continue to ping me? I know this is rude, but not replying is more rude. I try to reply to everything I get, so if you've been ignored, it is accidental. Sorry.


Life as a crotchety old Tokyo "node."


Hey cranky man from the West.

Damn, I guess I can take my, "I got an email from Joichi Ito," tshirt off. :)

you got a t-shirt! Damn.

Interestingly, there was a program series here in the UK on the BBC entitled 'Grumpy Old Men'. It consisted entirely of 'old men' like Bob Geldof and Rick Wakeman complaining about stuff. It was fantastic; I don't normally watch tv but it was too good to miss...

Anyone want to sponsor a "Grumpy men of the Net Age?" I still can't believe the number of kids I run into in the Valley--working in the Valley, supposedly in technology--that still thinks Wang Computers is an urban legend.