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Six Apart gathering tomorrow at 3pm. See you there! (Sign up on the Six Apart page.)


Dang, I knew I shouldn't have bothered rolling my own blog managing software! Now I am not invited to all the cool events. Maybe I will crash. (I've used the original Movable Type before and all.)

Hey Donkeymon, you're totally invited. Just don't let Joi invest in your blog software. At this rate, if he keeps losing money in this stuff, he and Mizuka will have to move into a house without electricity and telephone service and ride bicycles to the station.

Joi, there's a press conference picture with Ben and Mena in your moblog, but no press releases on the six apart or neoteny sites. :(

Inquiring minds want to know what got announced!

;-) There should be something on the Six Apart site in a few hours. Thanks for your interest Liz. It's basically an announcement of a relationship with one of the largest Japanese ISP's to roll out a service powered by TypePad in Japan in Japanese by the end of the year. Exact details will be in the press release.

I want to go to Tokyo I'd even use the MT shindig as a good excuse dang it! :P