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Interesting multi-author pseudonymous political/US-election-related blog called "What's At Stake?". Reminds me of Locke and Demosthenes from Ender's Game.


I have read that book several times and love the Locke and Demosthenes identities played by Enders brother and Sister.

Inetesting website - whatsatstake.

Wonder which one's trying to become Hegemon...

Perhaps you should read some of Orson Scott Card's recent comments on Iraq and the War on Terror.

Not that this proves anything. Maybe you will be disappointed to find out that Card is such a hawk. Or maybe you will find some of his distinctive reasoning pesuasive. I hope it doesn't ruin your appreciation for his book(s).

There are plenty of artists I enjoy who have politics that I find appalling. In these polarized times, it's sometimes hard to separate the artist from his or her work, but generally, except for the most egregious cases (Ezra Pound, e.g.), an audience or fan should get past an artist's politics, even if they are a real activist for causes you oppose. But in the end - I continue to enjoy Martin Sheen's acting, for example, and you should be able to continue to enjoy Orson Scott Card, even though his views seem to fall into the Neo-Conservative camp.

I wonder quietly: How many people blog in the vain hope of influencing world events, like those two "bloggers" in ENDER'S GAME did?

I don't want to rain on your parade, but just like e-mail, blogs were a brilliant idea until EVERYBODY started doing them. If everyone blogs, most blogs go unread.

How many blogs will still be active a year from now? Wanna bet on it? ;)