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Another great line from "the effects of mobile telephones on social and individual life" by Dr. Sadie Plant.

Dr. Sadie Plant
several people confessed to using two mobile handsets, one for general use and the other for affairs; one respondent in London referred to the latter as a shagbile.


The link is broken.

Thanks fixing now.

The section about the psychosexuality of mobile phone displays in public is right on point, and something I have frequently witnessed.

I even felt a bit jealous when my ex-girlfriend donned her brand new picture-taking mobile and all I was stuck w/ my lowly entry level Samsung...sigh.

I have two mobile phones. Not for affairs, but to keep my business life seperate from my personal life.

My work gives me a phone for business purposes. For a while I tried to use it as my personal phone as well, but this leads to trouble. Costs, changes of plans, changes to different phones, etc. are issues that aren't easily solved.

With a different phone for personal use, I'm free to do what ever I want in this regard. I tend not to carry my personal phone when I am at work. Two phones on a belt is a bit much.

Reminds me of the Japanese TV program "London Boots" airing on channel 10 weekly. It's a program that uses mobiles heavily to test relationships. I.e. the program's main duo would use a mobile email or chat to lure some boyfriend in a cheating trap or they invite a couple to expose their mobile's memory to see if there's a hidden affaire in there. And so on...

London Boots sounds ghastly!

I haven't come across people using two phones for this purpose before... I wonder how long it will be before people are judging other people by the number of phones they have!?

I once sat next to someone on a plane who had 2 mobiles simply because he used so many minutes and the plans top off at 2500 peak. He was using close to 5000 minutes for the 20 business days in the month! Something like 4 hours a day on the mobile...

Actually, Pete, I think London Boots is pretty hilarious at times. The producers do a good job not turning it into something nasty as you would expect from western tv.

Two phones ... ugh. A person who answers his/her phone during a meal with me is X'd off my list, unless they have a sick child or a dying family member, I think it's so rude and intrusive and NOT COOL. And if you ever see me do it, feel free to take me to task. I'd rather watch someone pick their nose at dinner than answer their phone.

Interesting report.

What astounds me is not the report though, but that it was someones job to write this report. What the hell? That such jobs really exist and there's a business climate that supports writing reports based on blurry pictures of people with cellphones...who are these people? Wacky information economy.

Man, give me tenured acadameia any day.

the use of two and often three mobile phones is well documented in the book "Porno" (the sequel to "Trainspotting") by Irine Welsh

When I read the study a couple of months ago, I registered the domain If anyone has an interesting idea of what we could do with it, get in touch!

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