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Speaking of Journalists, Spider Jerusalem from the Transmetropolitan series rocks. Thanks to Warren Ellis for making him and Cory for turning me on to Transmetropolitan.



a friend had told me a while ago that the journalist character in the transmetropolitan series is nothing but a caricatoure of hunter thompson, and seeing the above pic actually made me think of hunter thompson.

haven't read the graphic novel myself, and upon your recommendation i think i'll give it a try, and the plot sounds intriguing, but if you 've finished reading it and you're left with a bitter taste, let us know.

surprisingly, having placed the graphic novel into my shopping basket, and then getting back to my amazon *personalised* page, amazon 's collab. filtering thing suggested i buy other books by ellis, as well as thompon. could that be one of those cases where people interested in thompson's work are also interested in ellis?

Speaking as a rabid fan of Transmet, the charater always struck me as far too deep to be a characature of anyone, and he's as much H.L. Mencken as he is Thompson. That having been said, the two "Fear And Loathing" books ARE what first comes to mind when you read it, and I'd guess that a good many fans of Thompson's work got a kick out of Transmet.

Transmet rocks my world, and it's great to hear that Ellis is gaining a wider readership. His vision of the future is chillingly believable.

I asked Warren. He says:

Warren Ellis
Spider's a mix of a whole bunch of writers. Certainly Thompson was an influence and a hook, and I've never denied that. But he's also Tom Wolfe and Lester Bangs and Mencken and Chris Roberts and a whole ton of people. He was never intended to be "just" Hunter Thompson -- there's a lot more to him than that. People who say he's just a Thompson caricature tend not to have read the books.
-- W

BTW, you are left with a bitter taste, but that's the point. ;-)

He also reminds me of a few political commentators such as Noam Chomsky and William Rivers Pitt.
Whilst Spider is vitriolic and brutal in his assessment of the govt, they all share the knack of hitting the weak point in the armour every time.
Truth kills.