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Someone sent me a copy of "The Memoirs of Joi Ito". It came in from Canada without a return-address. (My assistant opened it.) It's a book based on The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes with all of the references to Sherlock Holmes replaced by "Joi Ito". It's from which lets you create customized books like this. You can also customize the dedication. This books says:

Dedicated to the world's most famous detective, who has yet to be discovered, a legend in his own mind, J.I.
I first thought it might be an advertisement from the company, but with this snarky dedication, I decided it must be someone I know. I asked Boris, the main joker I know in Canada, but it wasn't him. Was it you AG?

Anyway, haha. Very funny. ;-p


How could it *not* be Bo?

I love the Jekyll and Hyde one. Dr. Ito and the sinister Mr. Joi!

Sounds like a Sniffles job to me... ;)

Could be viral marketing. This is exactly the kind of thing bloggers would write about and more than likely include a link to the company.

Pick a few well read blogs, send out the books and bang - blog readers or the bloggers themselves start sending in orders for copies because Christmas is coming and all that.

Perhaps I am too cynical. Still we'll know in a few days if other people start reporting similar things.

By whom is Moriarty replaced in your book ?

>By whom is Moriarty replaced in your book ?



Good move having your assistant open suspicious packages. You can always hire a new assistant if it turns out to be a bomb or anthrax.

I wish it was me! I have no idea what your snail-mail address is, Joi! My money's on Boris.

Besides, I'd have sent you a doctored copy of "The JOI of Sex".

It's not me. Really.
(Not a big fan of detective stories.)

Still, makes for some funny xmas presents.

Could it be Cory?

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