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I've recently been communicating with danah quite a bit about her identity related work. She's got a very unique research style which I identify with. I like to immerse myself in what I'm trying to learn and use myself as the test subject. It must be harder to do this as an academic, but danah seems to be able to do it. She immerses herself, but leave enough room to be objective. Good article about her and her work in the New York Times.


At the moment your link to the New York Times does not point directly to the article about Danah.

You can now link directly to articles (that won't break days later) in the New York Times through the New York Times Link Generator.

I emailed the London Times with this news but unfortunately they say they are unable to provide the same facility for bloggers.

Thanks Ingrid.

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December 2, 2003 5:16 AM

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