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OK I've got gadget envy. Dan blogs about his RSS feed on his Treo 600 and says he wants a client that lets him blog easily from it too. Anyone know of anything good? Ado, want to port Kung-Log to PalmOS?


I've had my Treo 600 for a week and I love it. But it isn't yet my mobile reporting tool. I've been on the Movable Type boards for a week now, agitating for a good T600 blogging client. Most of the Palm compatible blogging tools use Java which crashes on the T6. You can use the regular web browser built in to the device to post online, but it's limited to five sentences or so (ug!). And you can't upload photos. So far, email to Typepad seems like it might be the best short-term Treo 600 moblogging solution.

I definitely want to see something like Kung-Log on this device!

It should be possible for me to port NewsMonster to this thing.

Someone buy me a Treo 600 and I will port NewsMonster over ;)

hint hint hint!

I'd port it, but as Kevin says, I have no Treo 600... ;)

Not a Palm device, I'm afraid, but I've successfully used Adam Tow's nBlog to post to Movable Type from my six-years-obsolete Newton. It even works over WiFi.

Cold dead fingers, and all that.

Don't know how well it works but a former co-worker now at Palm wrote this bit of software called Plog: wireless blogging for the PalmOS. Worth a try or at least writing to him about.

I just use the embedded Opera browser on my Sharp Zaurus to read RSS and post; been doing so for quite some time. I don't see the big deal. What am I missing?

I use Mfop2 as a way to post photos and text from my T600 to our moveable type blog. You send an email (with or without a photo attachment) to their server, it authenticates you and posts the text of your email and the photo to the blog. works great! teh website is: