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The TypePad powered Cocolog offered by Nifty just launched and the CEO, Mr. Furukawa has started his own blog. Blog on Furukawa-san! (Sorry, it's in Japanese.)


I can only read kana, no kanji, can you tell us what the site is about/does?
(jpn blog community maybe?)

Sigh. Why do we have to apologise for using non-english languages online? So much for the promise of equality online...

But stilll... "can you tell us what the site is about/does?" Curious :)

As much as I applaud this launch, and for good reasons, I am still suffering now from primary color overexposure ;)

It's the launch of the free blogging service for Nifty which has licensed TypePad. We announced it on Nov 21. The blog by the CEO, Furukawa-san, is just a personal blog by him in Japanese. He seems to be writing it himself.