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Speaking of turtles... don't forget the badgers...


Surprised you haven't commented on the fall of Blogshares. I thought it a historic moment in the evolution of blogs.

Yikes! What am I doing blogging about turtle turtle turtle turtle badger badger badger badger!?!

(Although the turtle image and the badger song is still stuck in my head...)

Thanks for the heads up Jason. Blogging now...


I'm such a dork. I infected Joi with the badgerbadgerbadger meme. You can blame me if you want, but you run the very real risk of being further infected with even more insidious memes.


Speaking of recursive turtles, I always liked Douglas Hostadter's take on it in Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid.

As in, God = God over Djinn (over Djinn, over Djinn...) in the chapter where Achilles and the Tortoise wander through a series of Escher paintings with the help of some magic potions. (I don't have the book handy for an exact quote as I lent it out years ago and haven't seen it since. The moral of the story? Return books you borrow!)

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