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Our neighbor's dog had puppies and we went over to see them today. We ended up coming home with a puppy. She doesn't have a name yet and she looks really scared and sad. Poor puppy. Anyway, we need to think of a name for her and start her potty training. Yikes!

UPDATE: She's relaxing a bit now...


Kawaii! Congrats on the puppy.



You will, however, have to name her before you set up her blog...
Bring her to the office!

Puppy dlog?

or Bo-chan.

I vote for "Bo-chan"!

No brainer. Name it "blog".

What breed is it? Male? Female?

She's a mutt.

Or should I say, chanpon...

Gorgeous puppy! She looks like a Betty, I think.

With your little dog's coloring, she looks like my daughter's dog, Annie, and could be a sister to my little dog, Atom. Annie and Atom are Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. My big dog is Alf. He's a golden retriever. Woof.

We decided to call her Bo. Or maybe it should be spelled Beau...

'Beau' is masculine, I believe. Little Bo might not appreciate that.

Indeed, Beau is masculine. Belle would be better suited, but maybe Joi means Bo as in Bo Derek =)

ur dog is cute

I have a very good friend named Beau and she is a woman so I thought it was a common woman's name...

"Belle" then :-)

All I'm saying is what I can read on :
Then again, AFAIK, you can name your dog Beau if you wish, I'm not gonna stop you =)

I think we're going to go with "Bo". Easier for Japanese. But sounds a bit like "stick" in Japanese...

Welcome to the world of pet blogging. I wonder how long before we see pictures of the puppy taking over your site...

Kevin. I was just thinking that. I wonder if blogging pictures of my puppy makes me a TRUE blogger. ;-p

Nothing wrong with blog about your pet, Joi. Er um some of my best friends do it not that I have except once or twice. ;)

Bo is a good name. Easy for the puppy to learn to spell.

Ai Bo

soooooo cute

So Aibo means Puppy Love in Japanese ?? :-)

Bo is adorable, what a lovely surprise - congratulations Mizuka and Joi. It's not exactly a funky new cat, but it's a good start in your super new home. You have such a fabulous garden. Bo will be great company and make a good guard dog too when you are away at work. Hopefully, you'll both start a blog called Bo Ito's :-)

kawaii!!!! Bo is a cool name... My dog is called Kai - we were told that it kinda means 'balance' in Japanese (as in balanced nature) - probably means 'mutt' or something tho ;)

Looks like there's some Burmese Mountain Dog mixed in there somewhere. She could get big, REAL big. I recommend "The Art of Raising a Puppy" by the Monks of New Skete, NY. Blog seems a little too literal for a name, but since I don't have any better ideas right now I should probably shut up. Enjoy your new friend!

My old cat's name was Bill, and SHE was rad. My dog's name is Lebowski ( ) and my friend just named his kitten "sandwich" so I'm sure I'm not the one to talk to about names. =)

Oh yeah. Always a bad idea to just "go look at the puppies." Like you could leave without taking one home. :-)

Yeah, I vote for Bo, too.

I was worried because Bo was acting frightened and unhappy since we brought her home. (First night away from her mom.) She was whimpering in her sleep. It was nice this morning when she woke me up with a yap and happily wagged her tail and wanted to be cuddled. The she jumped around the bed and ceremonially peed on the floor.

I think this is the beginning of a wonderful relationship. ;-p

He? Or she? Ok now I'm getting worried...


Very beautiful

Here are two of my ferrets ... (the QT movie)

You would have to have ice water running through your veins, to see her and not want to love her. Awwww. Congrats, she is precious!

Our dog was also brought in at a very young age. I have a picture of her ("Melba", erm...) on the day of her arrival, looking really sad... You would if you've just been taken away from your mother, and spent half the day in a car, surrounded by talking apes...
AFAIR, as soon as she understood we WERE gonna feed her, she got happy again =)
Peeing all over the place is the way they express joy, it seems, at a young age =) Make it a habit to carry her at a specific place outside in the morning, and pet her if she pees there. It'll become automatic.

I intend to name my next dog (in all probablity, a blue tick hound) Faulkner.

Using that assumes one enjoy's Faulkner's work.

Liza is a fine name for a female dog.

One could always choose either Kurosawa-san's surname or given name for a male.

All have dignity. Your puppy looks sad but s/he will grow into dignity.

My mom has a boxer with a similar name. He's named Bow, as in 'Bow and Arrow'.

Dogs are fun. But here in Chicago, I don't seem to have enough room (or time) to own and care for a dog, as much as I'd love to have one.

She is so cute! Kaori, Mocha and I send congrates to Mizuka, Bo and you. We have a number of great dog/puppy books to give you on the next visit.

Is she the only inside dog in the town? Do you have tatami?

The one piece of advice I would give you (and no doubt I will be criticized for this on the blog), is to "crate train" her. If you don't know, a crate is a small box or cage that the puppy sleeps in. This should be close enough to your bed that she can hear you breathing.

She will love it because she will feel safe and comfortable there; you will love it because a puppy has a natural instinct not to soil her "den". A puppy can generally "hold it" for about as many hours as her age in weeks divided by 3. So you need to take her outside before she goes to sleep and if she is less than about 26 weeks, you will need to wake up and take her out again in the middle of the night and as Xavier said, go to the same spot and say the same thing (we “say hurry up” :-) each time you take her out and she will be trained in no time. Then reward and praise her. Mocha took only a few days but she was older.

If she’s sleeping in the bed with you she will not need a crate to sleep in but you should constrain her space on the bed or she might decide some part of the bed is outside her “den”, not fun.

Here’s a small article from the school Mocha went to, (she has more degrees than me).

That's interesting Barak. Actually, we put a little fence like thing on our tatami mat at the base of the bed. She woke up ever 4-5 hours and (Mizuka mainly) too her out to pee outside. She's having a hard time holding it in when she's excited, but at night she wimpers when she wants to pee. I sleep very shallow so whenever Bo wimpers I go and check her out. Sometimes she's just dreaming and sometimes she has the "I want to pee" look. Amazing how much communication we've developed in just one evening. ;-) Thanks for the tips though. I definitely want to read your books.

Mostly tatami in our house. She may be the only inside dog in our neighborhood. I can't really handle outside dogs because I need the cuddling to develop a real relationship...

Bo in Hebrew means "come here" which is probably gonna be a very common command you give your dog :)


i like the puppies but i need to c more but a litle

Wow, how cute your puppy is!!!
How is she doing?

Bo has become an almost as cute, but very smart best friend.

your puppy iz so cute hope u enjoy! iz it a female or male oh well if it's a female u could name it angel or misity or missy or dixy if it's a male u could name it shadow rocky or duke or somethin just tryin to help congrates!!!!!!

She's a female. We named her "Bo".

so cute name it cutie love the very cute puppy sead me one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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