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I was thinking about Frank joining Tim Leary and my other friends on the other side. I was also thinking about how my new friend Bo entered my life as another one left. Then, I remembered Bojangles Leary. Bojanges, or "Bo" was Timothy Leary's dog (I knew it sounded familiar... I must have associated it sub-conciously.) Bojanges was a really friendly dog that always made me feel at home at Tim's house. Remembering Bojangles reminded me of one of my favorite Bojangles stories.

One day when Genesis P-Orridge and his family were staying at Tim's house, a big stretched limo drove up to Tim's house. The driver came to the door and asked for Bojangles Leary. Genesis, said, "Who?" "The dog sir..." The driver was picking up Bojangles to go play with Tony Scott's dog (I can't remember his name). They were good friends and they had a date on the beach. Tim's house was such an amazing mix of sub-culture, Beverly Hills and just about anything else that wandered into Tim's house where the doors were always open... I miss Tim too.

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Beautiful. Most excellent. Thank you.