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Frank Burns, founder of the Meta Network passed away yesterday. MDG Japan, a company I set up to distribute the Meta Network's online conferencing package, Caucus in Japan was the first company I ever started. Frank was one of the first people who believed in me. I was just a crazy teenager, but he treated me like an adult. He took me under his wing. I learned a lot from Frank. He was a great mentor and a great friend. I will miss him dearly, but he will live on in the connections between all of the wonderful people who were inspired by him and continue to inspire each other. So long Frank... See you on the other side.

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I'm truly sorry to hear that news. I met Frank a couple of times at Open Space conferences, but got to know his partner Lisa Kimball better.

Looked for Lisa's email address to send a biref note (I know she's with Group Jazz) but couldn't find it.

Might you have it ?