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Larry is using a white-list spam filter called Mail Blocks. I used to run a server side white-list spam blocker but people got upset so I stopped. Now people are upset because of false positives and just getting buried in my email. I think I'll try this for awhile. Bear with me. You will probably get a challenge/response the first time you send me email again.


You can cook up your own client-side white-list spam blocker in Mac OS X Mail. You need to edit the Junk mail filter to disable the Junk test and just block everything that is not in the Address Book, Previous Recipients, or addressesd to your Full Name (leave off the last one or two for stricter filtering). Then you set the action to be performed as Reply to Message, and write an appropriate reply. For example, you can ask that the message be resent to your full name, or with a subject line that contains a certain code word that you filter before the Junk filter, or whatever.

I agree. The way I think I'm going to go is similar. Block everything from anyone who is not in my AddressBook or Previous Recipients (make sure that's cleaned up), bounce everything back with a nice messge and a URL to a webform to "Request Contact".

Essentially it is the IM model of accessibility... I have to *allow* you to communicate with me. ;)

With over a 100 spam emails a day, having send out 100 blocked responses sounds a bit far too tedious to me. To less you have to do yourself, the better.

Oh, and don't forget that most spam emails use forged addresses, so you'd be dealing with failed delivery notifications on your bounce messages.

do let me know via my personal email w/o blocks how this works. i just might want to integrate and implement it into my personal and company email. . .

should note that mac's built in spam/junk detector does utilize the address book and other heuristic technologies to filter spam. good. not great.

I'm giving the currently free 0spam ( ) a trial, and it seems to be good. Harvests your inbox, sends an authentication url to senders not in your whitelist, auto-populates your whitelist with your address book if you'd like, etc. I have no connection with the firm yadda-yadda...

popfile has been working great for me for quite some time. is there some advantage to these other service type things?

I just got a MailBlocks challenge from posting to your MobLog comments...