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If you go to google and search for "miserable failure" you get bio of George W Bush. This is a bloggers' google bomb.

Newsday article on the topic

Thanks Kev for the clarification


I think the BBC and Newsday are quietly mocking amateur-journo/bloggers by carrying this story - and having their "news" articles about it show up above the actual google search results readers are going to be looking at.

Anon, Some of those at the BBC have a great sense of humour - it's easy to imagine them having a bit of fun with this story :-)

it could just be the fact that he is a misrable failure.

We are talking about the worst president we have ever had in these United States of America.

Looking forward to seeing a California-style ousting of the President, triggered by this bloggers 'google bomb'.

gee it didnt take this long to get around to the masses did it?

I first heard about this googlebomb about 1.5-2 weeks ago. I wonder how long it took to spread and actually accrue enough links to hit #1 in the results? It certainly spread faster than many comparable web-memes, and I certainly assisted in spreading the word after the googlebomb was accomplished and known.

As much as I strongly dislike the encephalitic chimpanzee in question, it appears he may be about to make one of the amazing bread-and-circuses political moves I've ever seen, period.

I indeed speak of the rumors circulating about the possibility of him announcing plans to establish a Moon base.

While risky politically and financially, it would indeed accomplish many of his political goals. (Distraction from the real issues, establishing him as a man of action, further dividing and dazzling the left, etc.)

The accumen displayed by the actions of his strategists scares me dumbstruck sometimes.

Again, I dislike him. I dislike him personally. I dislike his stance on the issues. I dislike the actions taken in my name in the past 3 years (or more), and so forth.

However, opening up a friendly (heh), non-cold-war-esque space race with China would do amazing things for the technological and economic development for both the US and China - not to mention the World at large (in the best case scenarios) - and I think it's about time.

Even better would be full blown co-operation, but I'd still rather have world leaders playing chimpanzee politics with 'peaceful' technological feats of skill and endurance rather than having them command indentured, bewildered and mostly unwilling peasants to shoot at each other.

Such a spectacular waste of life and resources. I can only think of all the lives that could have been otherwise saved with those resources diverted to war, infrastructures improved, research funded and knowledge about us and our universe gained.


Heard about this other bomb from a buddy at Google last week (but i'm sure it's gotta be older) on "victoria's secret" and go to the second link down that points to 'whatisvictoriassecret'. social commentary there.

Won't the US Secret Service start tracking you if you start writing about how to "bomb George Bush", whether with Google or something else?

In January of 2001, George Bush was also googlebombed. Entering the term "dumb motherf**ker" into Google yielded a first link to Initially, noone knew why it had happened (except those who arranged it).

Wired Story:,1282,41401,00.html

I still have a screenshot of it.

Some of us who LIKE George W. Bush reverse-Googlebombed it and now when you do a Google search for miserable failure, Jimmy Carter's bio page shows up second. We also counter-Google-bombed with the phrase "great president." Guess who shows up at the top of the results.

I started the "great president" Googlebomb on my blog.

There is a googlebomb going on linking the word santorum to Dan Savage's website too -- an attack on a homophobic senator.

People are starting to use it as a method of revenge... see

This is all fine and good. My question is"How do you send message bombs to yahoo messenger users". I am sick of getting messenger bombs. Guess I am at the wrong site.

Oddly enough, this googlebomb made the local TV news tonight in DC some two years later. Bizarre.

Let's do a little more than call him a misrable failure next time...but nice job!!!

lol!!!!!!! google is getting better and better every day