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The J-Wave interview was a blast. We must have said "blog" 50 times in 30 minutes. It was especially fun because everyone there were recent blog addicts. We tried very hard to explain it to people who had never blogged before, but I think a few times we probably got a bit hardcore. Anyway, I think if nothing else, we were able to convey our excitement and people will at least try to learn more about blogs. J-Wave is the 3rd largest radio station in Japan and has a lot of reach so I hope we have some impact. We got a lot of email from people during the show.

Anyway, thanks Sachi and Nonaka-san!

Here's the 32 meg mp3 of the show. (It's in Japanese.)


I think you went a long way to explain blog to lay(wo)men. I am listening to the interview (2/3 left), but it looks like you spent a lot of time preparing this interview.
Surprisingly, you sound the least excited of the three ;-)

Great interview Joi! I'm going to share this with my grandparents and other family here in Tokyo as I think it is a perfect way to introduce folks to blogging in Japanese.

(p.s. I'm getting a "HTTP error: 500 read timeout" when pinging this post for a trackback...)

Hi Joi,

I really enjoyed having you on my program yesterday, and would like to thank you again to spend your precious time with us.
We had covered many aspect of Blog and Blogging and received huge response from our listeners. Some of them actually started to blog while or right after the show was aired. Pretty cool, ha? My only regret is that I did not mention anything on your relationship with Six Apart, but I hope people will figure out somehow...

Enjoyed the interview very much, or at least what I could understand of it. I read your blog a lot and would be very interested to hear your thoughts on the decision to send the SDF to Iraq. As a newcomer to weblogs though, I am sure of the blogging etiquette regarding requesting posts.


"not sure" I meant.

Ohisashiburi desu. I listened to your interview and am happy to finally have something to point my friends to that explains what I was/am doing. Now they'll know I wasn't crazy to be so obsessed. Thanks! Although I'm still learning about the blogging community here in SF, it's interesting to observe the differences from my Tokyo experience. I'm looking forward to blogging maturing into a real boom in Japan and see what barriers get weakened and what social changes it brings. I agree that Japan will add new elements to blogging through creative uses of mobile devices. : )

Joi, would you be interested in an interview with TokyoFM? One of my friends is a news announcer at TokyoFM (she does the late afternoon news show but also does interviews on the weekends) and I'll point her to the JWAVE interview and see what reaction I get.

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