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I'd like to put together a photo album on TypePad of last night's Creative Commons party. If you have any photos you wouldn't mind sharing under a CC by-nc-sa license, please send them to me. I will play editor and select photos and add my own captions, but if you have captions, especially names of people in photos, that would be helpful. If you've posted the pictures yourself, please either post links here or trackback.

Thanks for all of those who showed up. It was a great party!


I have about 100 photos. Most are very dark, since I didn't want to use flash during the presentations, but are salvageable with a bit of digital magic. And, no, I'm not sending you 330 megs in email (especially since your SPAM blocker will send them back to me, when it asks for its confirmation) :). How 'bout I put them somewhere for download?

Jonas. That would be great. If you could pick some of your favorite, that would be even better.

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