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So far so good...

I haven't had a drink since I quit drinking. It may just be the novelty, but I'm enjoying myself greatly. I slept 10 hours last night (the most I can remember sleeping in years), I feel great and interestingly I don't feel and physiological withdrawals. I have the momentary, "boy, I need a drink" at the beginning of dinner, but once I get over that, I seem to be fine. Maybe it's that I'm surrounded by interesting people. Also, I realize that I can now work productively after dinner and my conversations during dinner are lucid and more intelligent. Anyway, I know that the "when you least expect it, expect it" rule applies here, but I think I'm off to a good start thanks to all of your support. Thanks everyone.

PS If anyone catches me staring longly at a bottle of wine, feel free to smack me.


good effort Joi. It's hard work removing something totally from your life...

But, without wishing to stick the proverbial spanner in the works, have you thought about the long term view on this? Drinking to excess is one thing (to be avoided), enjoying a glass of wine with dinner is another (perhaps to be enjoyed). Are you planning on *never* having another alcoholic drink *ever*?

Hey you had said January first so that I could stop smoking at the same time.

So your fault I had to stop smoking earlier as well ;=)

I have not touched a smoke for 10 days... tough as well but getting better.

When I feel like having one I think about you stopping drinking and that we both should keep away of these...

I think the plan is no alcoholic drinks ever. It's been easy so far, but I attribute this to my focus and the novelty. The more I want to drink, the less I think I should ever drink. If it continues to be this easy to not drink several months from now, I may try having a glass of wine for dinner, but that's not going to happen any time soon.

Good luck, Joi. It sounds like things are coming along great. Your "no thanks for now" approach sounds like a winner!

Check out this correlation about drinking/earnings.

Well, I'm not earning much yet, will start drinking more and see if it works!

Good luck! I think I'll quit, too. As an alternative, you could make a rule limiting consumption to, say, one glass of something every other day at the most.

BTW, check out the Joi Ito page on Everything Is Connected:

Very Joi, don't you think?

Congratulations and welcome to the club.

Congratulations and welcome to the club. Though the 10 hour sleepathon can't be good. OT, but here's something I read a while back about sleep:

Hey, Joi -- one bit of advice from the hypnotherapist who helped me quit smoking this summer: If you think of yourself as an ex-drinker, it means that your whole life will be characterized by an ongoing struggle to resist temptation, which will tug and tug like gravity, and eventually, everything falls down.

By contrast, if you think of yourself as a NON-drinker, i.e., someone like me who just doesn't drink in the same way that I don't pinch bottoms or wear cologne -- it doesn't occur to me.

This has been my approach to not smoking, and it's been going really well.

Joi, your best resource for this whole process is your friends (including your wife).

I stopped drinking in July after continuing my college-day drinking for a year after graduation. My friends continue to booze heavily, while I continue to go out, just without having a drink in my hand. The ultimatum they gave me - "we'll support you provided you keep hanging out." This meant that I couldn't run from my desire to party, but that my team was stacked in keeping me sensibly away from my vice.

At the end of the day, your friends, your wife - they are your best source of support, and your best source of accountability. If you are healthy and happy, you're all better off.

Joi, I applaud both your decision and the way you are sharing this info. Once again, your blend of personal and professional is inspiring. Thanks.

Joi, I applaud both your decision and the way you are sharing this info. Once again, your blend of personal and professional is inspiring. Thanks.

Loïc and Joi : your teams are here to smack you, don't worry :-D

Good for you!

You might try an occasional high quality piece of chocolate every now and again. There are exotic chocolates just as there are exotic wines. Let me know if you want some suggestions...

Joi = Bravo. Do ask us for help if you need it. I'm clean and clear so far and just like you, I've been feeling healthier and sleeping soundly.

Loic = My mom died of lung cancer after a lifetime of smoking, I'm happy to "raconter l'histoire" any time. It's not a pretty story. Bon courage!


Go, Joi! One nanosecond at a time...

drinkblogging? I´m not ready yet, perhaps mobling

Way to go, Joi. I am with you on this. Stopped drinking myself totally 1.5 years ago. If you are serious about it, and it sure sounds like it, then be religious in it. Don't drink "just one". Stay away from it alltogether, even from a bonbon with liquor, for instance. I am currently working in a bar, and still keeping up, I am sure and have confidence that you can pull this one off too.

Good luck,


Good for you, Joi! I'm very happy that you quit drinking. Also courageous that you're talking about it openly here. I want to support you any way I can -- go, go, go!

Cheers, --JYL

P.S. Loic, way to go -- no smokes is hard. Of course asking a Frenchman to quit the wine is like asking them to jump off the Eiffel tower, so :)

I just stopped doing anything intoxicating a couple of weeks back. The positive difference in my mood and intellectual energy is noticable.

I found that keeping a little diary on my PDA of every time I had a craving for something really helped me get past them. I had a little code for what triggered & how strong.

Another thing I did was to create little mythological stories about my emotional journey.

Reifying these feelings has helped me.

The best way to avoid a hangover is not to drink...but if you decide to drink, here is a suggestion on how to avoid it:

Keep up the power Joi.

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