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Reading Jill's comments over on misbehaving reminded me of a game that some people play in Japan. (I learned it from Eno-san.) It originated with business cards, but has moved to mobile phones. There are three people: two players and a judge. The two players pick someone from their address books and reveal them to each other simultaneously. The judge decides which one is more famous or important. The loser has to shred the business card or in the case of mobile phones, delete that entry from the address book. It's quite funny because you try to play important people to beat the other person, but if you lose, you lose a valuable phone number. The judge's perspective of what sort of person is important also comes into play in an interesting way.

It's no fun when you have backups of your phone numbers, but in Japan, where most people don't backup their mobile phone numbers, it's often for keeps.

Don't try this at home.


Russian roullet with business cards... what freudian message is getting through I wonder...

the washing machine beat me at this game already so I have a very limited deck to play with.

though iam confident i have a lot of people in my phone that could be considered important this game would be scary!! it depends on the judge whom might think someone is worthy or not! kowai! def not going to try this at home - though if i did play i wonder when i would use joi's number and i wonder if it would win?!? hehe.

Funny - I was just playing this the other day...
(By the way, can I get another copy of your business card?)

why need a washing machine when you could (as i did) leave all your cards from a 3 week trips on your seat in the plane... never to be seen again...

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