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The Dean for Iowa Game just went online. It's cute and fun and captures the spirit of being a supporter. I'm glad to have played my own little part in making this happen. The game was developed by Ian Bogost and his team at Persuasive Games. Ian contacted me through LinkedIn. LinkedIn routed his request for contact via a mutual friend, Ian McCarthy who vouched for Ian Bogost. I took that request and forwarded it to Britt Blaser who is working with the Dean campaign. Britt is "Mr. Execution" and before I knew it, The Dean for Iowa Game happened. Congratulations to all involved!


Thanks for the praise. One thing I want to say is that this was developed very rapidly (less than 3 weeks!)... and I think that makes an important statement about the potential for the medium of political games. We're only starting to scratch the surface here.

A strong first effort and a good sign of the future of recruitment. At least they're using young people and young media for outreach! I posted a review of Dean for Iowa on GameGirlAdvance. As a political tool, it's a great idea. As a game? It's both too short and too long.

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